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33. Disposal of application for the grant or renewal of quarrying lease

06[(1) On receipt of an application for quarrying lease with all requisite contents and particulars thereof prescribed in these rules but without having the statutory licences required to be obtained from other departments concerned, the applicant may be issued a letter of intent by the competent authority intimating the intention for granting quarrying lease after processing the application. The letter of intent shall contain the details of the precise area identified for the grant of quarrying lease, list of documents and statutory licences to be submitted and such other details as the authority deems fit. Quarrying lease shall be granted only after submission of documents specified in the letter of intent. The letter of intent so issued shall be sufficient for other statutory authorities concerned for issuing their licences/ clearances/ No objection Certificates etc.] 

(2) On receipt of an approved mining plan and Environmental Clearance for the precise area and on production of all other statutory licenses/clearances/ No Objection Certificate etc. from other statutory authorities concerned, the competent authority shall grant a quarrying lease within thirty days.

07[Provided that in case the applied area for quarrying lease is not under the possession and enjoyment of the applicant, the applicant shall produce a copy of the registered lease agreement as provided in clause (c) of sub-rule (2) of rule 27.] 

(3) No application shall be refused without affording the applicant an opportunity of being heard. 

(4) Where the competent authority passes an order refusing to grant or renew a quarrying lease, the reason thereof shall be communicated through a speaking order within fifteen days of the date of the order.

06. Sub rule (1) substituted by SRO 456/2023 w.e.f. 01.04.2023. Prior to substitution it read as

“(1) On receipt of the application for grant or renewal of quarrying lease for undertaking quarrying operations, the competent authority shall make site inspection and take decision regarding the precise area to be granted for the said purpose and intimate the applicant to submit approved mining plan and Environmental Clearance for the precise area.”

07. Proviso to sub rule (2) of rule 33  inserted by SRO 456/2023 w.e.f. 01.04.2023.