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19[12. Renewal of quarrying permit

In cases where the permitted quantity of mineral could not be extracted from the precise area under permit within the permitted period, such quarrying permit may be renewed once for the extraction of balance quantity of mineral for a further period not exceeding one year, subject to the production of modified mining plan and all other statutory licences/ clearances/ no objection certificates/ any other statutory documents etc, as required by the competent authority.

Provided that in case of Granite ( Building Stone) quarries that are working under the valid quarrying permit as on the date of commencement of these rules, the quarrying permit may be renewed once in the precise area for a maximum period of three years subject to the availability of balance mineable mineral reserve and quarrying should be carried as per the stipulations in the approved mining plan.]

19. Rule 12 substituted by SRO 456/2023 w.e.f. 01.04.2023. Prior to substitution it read as

“12. Renewal of a quarrying permit.—On receipt of an application in Form A, a quarrying permit may be renewed for a further period of two years but not exceeding one year at a time after complying with the procedure provided for grant of quarrying permit under rule 9 and subject to the production of all other statutory licenses/clearances/No Objection Certificate, etc. from other statutory authorities concerned: 

Provided that, the environmental clearance required under rule 9 shall not be insisted, in the case of renewal of quarrying permits, in respect of quarries which had a valid permit as on 9th day of January, 2015: 

Provided further that the approved mining plan required under Rule 9 shall not be insisted till 1st April, 2016 for renewal of a quarrying permit.”