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18. Classification of granite and other crystalline rocks

The different varieties of granite and other crystalline rocks are classified as -

(i) Dimension stones which include all types of granites, dolerite, charnockite, leptynite and other crystalline rocks of Acid, Intermediate, basic and ultra basic groups of igneous and metamorphic origin which are suitable for cutting to pre-determined sizes, polishing, carving and amenable for making value added products in decorative monumental and ornamental fields of industry as a high-value item; and 

(ii) 24[Granite (building stone) which includes] all those group of rocks specified above in sub-item (i) which are not suitable for using as dimension stones as specified therein, but can be used as ordinary building stones, road metal, rubble and ballasts after breaking into irregular pieces by blasting or otherwise as low value item with different rates of royalty or dead rent. 

Note:- Indulgence of quarrying or raising a high value item of dimension stone with the permit/lease taken for ordinary low value items of granite and other crystalline rocks will attract provisions of sub-rules (1) and (2) of Rule 108.