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Secretariat Assistant Exam – 36

As Fox is related to cunning, Rabbit is related to …

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Which of the following is not a mining center in Karnataka?
a) Durg
b) Chitradurga
c) Shimoga
d) Bellary
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The fullform of Wi-Fi
a) Wireless Fertility
b) Wireless Firewall
c) Wireless Fidelity
d) Wireless Focusing
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Errors in computer programmes are called:
a) Follies
b) Bugs
c) Mistake
d) Spam
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Number of bones in the human body:
a) 260
b) 262
c) 250
d) 206
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A is 3 year older to B and 3 year younger to C, while B and D are twins. How many years older is C to D
a) 2
b) 3
c) 6
d) 12
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A and B enter into a partnership with capitals 4:5, and at the end of 8 months, A withdraws. If they receive profits in the ratio 8:15, find how long B’s capital was used?
a) 4 months
b) 8 months
c) 10 months
d) 12 months
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A reduction of 10% in the price of a T.V. set brought down its price by ₹1,650. The original price of the set (in rupees) was
a) 16,500
b) 16,000
c) 15,000
d) 16,550
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As Fox is related to cunning, Rabbit is related to …
a) timid
b) courageous
c) bold
d) skilful
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Which place is known as Rain Shadow region of Kerala?
a) Munnar
b) Chinnar
c) Chittoor
d) Neriyamangalam
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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has launched which project to address Vitamin-D deficiencies amongst youngsters?
a) Project Health
b) Project Care
c) Project Life
d) Project Dhoop
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A walks 10 m in towards East and then 10 m to his right. Then every time turning to his left he walks 5 m, 15 m and 15 m respectively. How far is he now from his starting point
a) 5 m
b) 10 m
c) 15 m
d) 20 m
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Which amendment Act incorporated the Right to Education in the list of Fundamental Rights in India?
a) 42nd amendment Act of 1976
b) 52nd amendment Act of 1985
c) 86th amendment Act of 2002
d) 74th amendment Act of 1992
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Who is the Kerala Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs:
a) K.M. Mani
b) A.K. Balan
c) M.M. Mani
d) A.K. Mani
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The 2018 National Panchayati Raj Day was celebrated on which date in India?
a) April-24.
b) April-26.
c) May-24.
d) May-26.
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They live in …………… apartment in …………… city.
a) a, the
b) an, the
c) an, a
d) the, an
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Alcohol contains;
a) Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen
b) , Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
c) Carbon, Hydrogen, Ammonia
d) Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen
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Out of ₹7000, some amount was lent at 6% per annum and the remaining at 4% per annum. If the total simple interest from both the fractions in 5 years was ₹1600, find the sum lent at 6% per annum.
a) ₹ 5,000
b) ₹ 4,000
c) ₹ 3,000
d) ₹ 2,000
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Someone is knocking …….. the door.
a) on
b) at
c) in
d) from
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Which district has become India’s first district to have 100 % solar powered health centres?
a) Vadodara
b) Mehsana
c) Ahmedabad
d) Surat
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The chairman of 15th Finance commission
a) N.K. singh
b) Y.V. Reddy
c) Vijay Kelkar
d) C. Rengarajan
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Arun exclaimed, “Hurrah! I have bagged the first rank.”
a) Arun said that he has bagged the first rank.
b) Arun exclaimed with delight that he had bagged the first rank.
c) Arun exclaimed that hurrah he bagged the first rank.
d) Arun announced that he had bagged the first rank.
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‘Kalbaisakhi’ is the phenomenon of heavy showers with thunder occur in ……. region.
a) West Bengal
b) Odisha
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala
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Bordeaux Mixture, one of the best known fungicides is a mixture of:
a) Copper Sulphate and Sulphuric Acid
b) Lime and Gypsum
c) Copper Sulphate and Lime
d) Sulphur and Sodium Chloride
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‘Nomadic Elephant’ is the bilateral military exercise of Indian army with the armed force of:
a) Kazakhstan
b) Vietnam
c) Seychelles
d) Mongolia
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നാഴി അരി എന്ന പദത്തിൽ ഉൾച്ചേർന്നിരിക്കുന്ന ഭേദകം ഏത് വിഭാഗത്തിൽ പെടുന്നു?
a) ശുദ്ധം
b) വിഭാവകം
c) സാംഖ്യം
d) പാരിമാണികം
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