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Secretariat Assistant Exam – 19

Which London-based organization has received the 2017 Fredrick Pincott Award for promoting Hindi cinema?

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The headquarters of National Sample Survey Organization is at:
a) New Delhi
b) Dehradun
c) Kolkata
d) Mumbai
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India’s first high speed electronic locomotive was flagged off from which state?
a) Gujarat
b) Rajasthan
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Bihar
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The Ozone Day is observed on:
a) June 5
b) August 16
c) May 31
d) September 16
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Which Indian organisation has won the Most Informative Pavilion’ award at the 105th Indian Science Congress 2018?
a) Defence Research Development Organisation
b) Steel Authority of India
c) Securities and Exchange Board of India
d) Central Statistical Organisation
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Moving process from the main memory to disk is called
a) Scheduling
b) Catching
c) Swapping
d) Spooling
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In a certain code Mouse is written as PRUQC. How is ‘SHIFT’ Written in that same code
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Which London-based organization has received the 2017 Fredrick Pincott Award for promoting Hindi cinema?
a) South Asian Cinema Association
b) South Asian Cinema Foundation
c) South East Cinema Association
d) South East Cinema Foundation
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Harish has ………. to drinking
a) taken to
b) taken up
c) taken in
d) taken on
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Corundum is a mineral of:
a) Calcium
b) Gold
c) Iron
d) Aluminium
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Thalakkal Chandu Memorial is located at:
a) Kalpatta
b) Panamaram
c) Mananthavadi
d) Sulthan Bethery
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We went to ………….. bride’s home on …………… week day.
a) the, an
b) the, a
c) a, a
d) the, the
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What is the theme of the 2018 International Day of Happiness?
a) Happiness for All
b) Be Happy to All
c) Happiness for Life
d) Share Happiness
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First computerised Taluk office in Kerala
a) Ottappalam
b) Vellanad
c) Palakkad
d) Kunnathoor
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താഴെ കൊടുത്തവയിൽ സലിംഗബഹുവചനത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണമേത്?
a) നാട്ടുകാർ
b) കുട്ടികൾ
c) വിദ്യാർഥികൾ
d) പുരുഷന്മാർ
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In a school 40% of the students play football and 50% play cricket. If 18% of the students neither play football nor cricket, the percentage of the students playing both is:
a) 40%
b) 32%
c) 22%
d) 8%
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The Department of Posts has launched Cool EMS (Express Mail Service) between India and which country?
a) Japan
b) China
c) Russia
d) Canada
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Name the chemical weapon used by USA in Vietnam War:
a) Methyl Isocyanide
b) Chlorine
c) Pottassium Cyanide
d) Agent Orange
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A train running at the speed of 72 kmph crosses a 260 metre long platform in 23 seconds. What is the length of the train in metres?
a) 200
b) 240
c) 220
d) 160
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Number of bit used by the IPv6 address:
a) 32 bit
b) 64 bit
c) 128 bit
d) 256 bit
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Dowry prohibition Act was passed by the Parliament in
a) 1960
b) 1961
c) 1964
d) 1986
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Which state is the leading producer of egg?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala
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SQL stands for:
a) Structured Query Language
b) Standard Query Language
c) Simple Query Language
d) Standard Quality Language
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Which planet takes 84 years to rotate the Sun:
a) Neptune
b) Venus
c) Mercury
d) Uranus
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Seats for Maths, Physics and Biology are in the ratio of 5:7:8 respectively. There is a proposal to increase these seats by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the respective ratio of increased seats?
a) 2:3:4
b) 6:7:8
c) 6:8:9
d) can’t be determined
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Who is the first Muslim women Chief Minister of India?
a) Mehabooba Mufthi
b) Najma Heptulla
c) Syeda Anwara Taimur
d) None of these
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