Kerala PSC

Secretariat Assistant Exam – 17

The First City to be granted the status of Corporation after the formation of Kerala state?

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The board members asked Vinay a lot of questions [ Change into the Passive Voice ]
a) Vinay is asked a lot of questions by the board members
b) Vinay was being asked a lot of questions by the board members
c) Vinay was asked a lot of questions by the board members
d) Vinay is being asked a lot of questions by the board members
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Who was the founder of Ganga Mahasabha at Haridwar
a) Madan Mohan Malaviya
b) M.G. Ranade
c) Vinoba Bhave
d) Iswara Chandra Vidhyasagar
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പറയുന്ന ജോലി – അടിവരയിട്ട പദം ഏത് വിഭാഗത്തിൽപ്പെടുന്നു?
a) സകർമകക്രിയ
b) അകാരിതക്രിയ
c) പറ്റുവിന
d) മുറ്റുവിന
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The sum and product of two numbers are 11 and 18 respectevely. The sum of their reciprocals is
a) 2/11
b) 11/2
c) 18/11
d) 11/18
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If a number multiplied by 25% of itself gives a number which is 200% more than the number, then the number is
a) 12
b) 16
c) 20
d) 24
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A certain number of men complete a piece of work in 60 days. If there were 8 men more, the work could be finished in 10 days less. How many men were originally there?
a) 20 men
b) 30 men
c) 40 men
d) 50 men
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She was glad to see her friend.
a) broken
b) open
c) happy
d) upset
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The First City to be granted the status of Corporation after the formation of Kerala state?
a) Kochi
b) Kozhikode
c) Thiruvananthapuram
d) Thrissur
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The element that does not have neutrons in its atom is
a) Hydrogen
b) Uranium
c) Helium
d) Neon
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തിരു+കാൽ ശരിയായി ചേർത്തെഴുതുന്നതെങ്ങനെ?
a) തൃക്കാൽ
b) തിരുകാൽ
c) തിരുക്കാൽ
d) ത്രിക്കാൽ
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Siruvani river is a tributary of:
a) Bharatapuzha
b) Kunthipuzha
c) Bhavani
d) Gayathripuzha
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The Domestic Violence Act 2005 is to protect ……?
a) Women from the harassment of spouses
b) Old and Senior Women from the harassment of children
c) Women from the harassment of all members of the family
d) All women from the harassment of male members of the family
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Which is the unfinished autobiography of Subhash Chandra Bose?
a) An Indian Pilgrim
b) Do or Die
c) India Divide
d) The Indian
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Which state government has launched mobile app Bi-lingual ‘Uzhavan’ for farmers?
a) Karnataka
b) Goa
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Andra Pradesh
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Which of the following Biosphere reserve in India is not included in UNESCO’s MAB world network?
a) Simlipal
b) Great Nicobar
c) Norek
d) Panna
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He is …. honourable judge of …. Supreme Court.
a) a, an
b) an, the
c) the, an
d) a, the
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The biggest hydro-electric project in Private Sector?
a) Maniyar
b) Edamalayar
c) Kuthunkal
d) Mangulam
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Which of the following is a Trans Himalayan river?
a) Jhelum
b) Sutlej
c) Ravi
d) Beas
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Which file format is used to represent document in a manner independent of application software, hardware or operating systems
c) PDF
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Who wrote the famous book ‘Ayyankali Muthal Paschimaghattam Vare?
a) Sugatha Kumary
b) V.S. Achuthanandan
c) EMS
d) Vandana Sivam
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I am busy, …….
a) am I?
b) do I?
c) am I not?
d) aren’t I?
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A motor-boat can travel at 10 km/hour in still water. It travelled 91 km downstream in a river and then returned to the same place, taking altogether 20 hours. Find the rate of flow of river.
a) 3 km/hour
b) 4 km/hour
c) 2 km/hour
d) 5 km/hour
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Garo hills is situated on the state:
a) Manipur
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Meghalaya
d) Tripura
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Which article is associated with the election of Indian President?
a) 51
b) 52
c) 54
d) 61
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