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Secretariat Assistant Exam – 15

A packet of information that travels between a browser & the web server is known as

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Who was the Present Chairperson of NITI AAYOG?
a) Rajiv Kumar
b) Narendra Modi
c) Ram Nath Kovind
d) Arun Jaitely
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The first Coast Guard station in Kerala?
a) Neendakara
b) Azheekal
c) Chavara
d) Vizhinjam
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Headquarters of recently formed GST Bhavan in Kerala?
a) Kottayam
b) Kochi
c) Thiruvananthapuram
d) Thrissur
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സോദ്ദേശ്യം – സമാസമേത്?
a) ദ്വന്ദ്വൻ
b) ബഹുവീഹി
c) അവ്യയീഭാവൻ
d) തത്പുരുഷൻ
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The price of these tee shirts …. reasonable.
a) are
b) is
c) were
d) have been
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Architect of the preamble of the Indian Constitution
a) Ambedkar
b) Sardar Vallabhai Patel
c) Dr. Rajendraprasad
d) Jawaharlal Nehru
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The venue of Ayyankali Trophy boat race?
a) Veli Lake
b) Vellayani Lake
c) Anchuthengu Lake
d) Ashtamudi lake
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തണുപ്പ് + ഉണ്ട് = തണുപ്പുണ്ട്. ഏത് സന്ധിക്ക് ഉദാഹരണമാണ്?
a) ആഗമസന്ധി
b) ദ്വിത്വസന്ധി
c) ലോപസന്ദി
d) ആദേശസന്ധി
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Which is the longest Indian National Waterway?
a) National Waterway-1
b) National Waterway-6
c) National Waterway-2
d) National Waterway-5
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Which state has become the first Indian state to conduct a household survey exclusively to estimate the Multidimensional Poverty Index at the state and district levels?
a) Odisha
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Chattisgarh
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The area of the greatest circle inscribed inside a square of side 21 cm is
a) 365.5 cm²
b) 364.5 cm²
c) 344.5 cm²
d) 346.5 cm²
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A packet of information that travels between a browser & the web server is known as:
a) Malware
b) Adware
c) Spyware
d) Cookie
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Who is known as ‘the father of information theory’:
a) Lennack
b) Godard
c) Claude Shannon
d) Alan Turing
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കൃതികൃത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണമേതെന്ന് കണ്ടെത്തുക.
a) മറവി
b) ചതിയൻ
c) കള്ളി
d) നിൽക്കുക
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I can’t hear you because your puppy …. too much noise.
a) makes
b) is making
c) made
d) has made
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They ….. the restaurant by the time we reached there.
a) had left
b) were leaving
c) are leaving
d) would leave
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Which state government has rolled out ‘Rupashree Scheme’ for marriage of poor girls?
a) Goa
b) West Bengal
c) Assam
d) Maharashtra
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Which state government has launched the Ganga Hari teema Yojana (Ganga Greenery Scheme) recently?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Sikkim
c) Gujarat
d) Rajasthan
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The Directive Principles of state policy adopted from …… constitution?
a) British
b) Irish
c) American
d) German
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What is the fullform of DNS
a) Domain Number System
b) Domain Name System
c) Domain Numbering Section
d) Digital Name System
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Which of the following is not valid data type in MS-Excel:
a) Number
b) Character
c) Label
d) Date/Time
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ലക്ഷ്യം എന്ന അർഥത്തിൽ പ്രയോഗിക്കുന്ന പദം?
a) ഉദ്ദേശം
b) ഉദ്ദേശ്യം
c) ഉദ്ദേഷം
d) ഒദ്ദേശ്യം
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‘Picture’ is related to ‘See’. In the same way as ‘Book’ is related to?
a) Listen
b) Read
c) Buy
d) Box
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താഴെ പറയുന്നവയിൽ നപുംസകലിംഗത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണമേത്?
a) മകൻ
b) രാജ്ഞി
c) വെള്ളം
d) സൈനികൻ
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40. പാണി : കെ, വാണി : ……
a) പ്രശംസ
b) വാക്ക്
c) ആകാശം
d) മേഘം
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