Kerala PSC

Secretariat Assistant Exam – 14

The output printed by a computer through a printer on the paper is called

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The manager as well as his colleagues …. gone.
a) have
b) will
c) has
d) were
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Which of the following is not an operating system:
a) DOS
b) Mac
c) C
d) Linux
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Normal body temperature:
a) 99.6 Degree F
b) 97.6 Degree F
c) 98.6 Degree F
d) 99 Degree F
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The entire hamlet …. to watch the procession.
a) turned about
b) turned off
c) turned in
d) turned out
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The sun’s energy is produced by;
a) Nuclear fission
b) Burning of gases
c) Nuclear fusion
d) None of these
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Which disease is spread through the contact with soil;
a) Tetanus
b) Typhoid
c) Malaria
d) Cholera
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Which of the following cities is on the banks of the river Pamba?
a) Chenganoor
b) Changanassery
c) Pandalam
d) Pala
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The output printed by a computer through a printer on the paper is called:
a) Virtual copy
b) Hard copy
c) Soft copy
d) Digital copy
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Mithivridhi is a nuclear power plant under construction in the state of:
a) Rajasthan
b) Gujarat
c) Uttarpradesh
d) Bihar
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She was happy to be .. ………. friends again.
a) between
b) besides
c) among
d) above
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Part of Himalaya between river Sutlej and Kali is known as:
a) Punjab Himalaya
b) Nepal Himalaya
c) Kumaon Himalaya
d) Assam Himalaya
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The average age of a husband and a wife was 27 years when, they married 4 years ago. The average age of the husband, the wife and a new-born child is 21 years now. The present age of the child is.
a) 4 years
b) 3 years
c) 2 years
d) 1 year
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The salary of a person is decreased by 25% and then the decreased salary is increased by 25%, His new salary in comparison with his original salary is
a) the same
b) 6.25% more
c) 6.25% less
d) 0.625% less
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Which state has topped the list of states with most number of beggers, as per data released by Union ministry of Social Justice?
a) West Bengal
b) Odisha
c) Chattisgarh
d) Bihar
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Who presided over the first Malabar district Conference held at Palakkad in 1916?
a) Nehru
b) Annie Besant
c) K.P. Kesava Menon
d) T. Prakasham
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If PARROT=123345 and SOAT=6425 then how would ROAST be written in that same code language
a) 32456
b) 32564
c) 34625
d) 34265
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Find the odd one from the following English alphabet.
a) J
b) P
c) F
d) C
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Knot is used for measuring:
a) Speed of ship
b) Speed of plane
c) Speed of light
d) Wave length
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മലയാളത്തിൽ “ഘോഷി” എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്ന അക്ഷരം ഏത്?
a) ഹ
b) ഘ
c) ഖ
d) അ
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Which is the largest Naval Base of India?
a) INS Kalveri
b) INS Shalki
c) INS Kadamba
d) INS Chakra
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What is the full form of .pst:
a) Portable Storage Table
b) Personal System Table
c) Personal Storage Table
d) Portable System Table
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Some boys are sitting in a row P’is sitting 14th from the left and Q is 7th from the right. If there are four boys between P and Q how many boys are there in the row?
a) 19
b) 21
c) 23
d) 25
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Who has been appointed as Chairman of the Central panel of the 65th National Film Awards?
a) Shekhar Kapur
b) P. Sheshadri
c) Rahul Rawail
d) Ranjit Das
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Which is known as the first search engine
a) Firefox
b) Moxilla
c) Bing
d) Archie
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