Kerala PSC

Secretariat Assistant Exam – 13

Which article guarantees equality in matters of employment in government offices?

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പഞ്ചവേദം എന്ന വാക്കിന്‍റെ ശരിയായ സമാസം?
a) ബഹുവ്രീഹി
b) ദ്വിഗു
c) അവ്യയീബാവൻ
d) തത്പുരുഷൻ
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When did protection of Human Right Act passed?
a) 1992
b) 1993
c) 1994
d) 1996
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ഞാൻ വന്നിട്ട് നമുക്കൊരുമിച്ച് പോകാം ഇതിലെ അംഗിവാക്യം ഏത്?
a) ഞാൻ വന്നിട്ട് പോകാം
b) നമുക്കൊരുമിച്ച് പോകാം
c) ഞാൻ വന്നിട്ട്
d) ഇതൊന്നുമല്ല
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Mina Mata disease is caused by:
a) Arsenic
b) Molybdenum
c) Mercury
d) Lead
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If 3x+y = 81 and 81x-y = 3, then the value of x is
a) 42
b) 15/8
c) 17/8
d) 39
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Firewall in a computer is used for:
a) Security
b) Data transmission
c) Authentication
d) Monitoring
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The Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishad was formed at Kozhikode in:
a) 1952
b) 1962
c) 1964
d) 1972
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The venue of future Kerala Summit held in 2018
a) Thiruvananthapuram
b) Kollam
c) Kochi
d) Kozhikode
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A certain sum grows upto ₹4840 in 2 years and upto ₹5324 in 3 years on compound interest. Find the rate per cent.
a) 5%
b) 10%
c) 15%
d) 20%
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Change into Indirect Speech > She said, “my parents are going to Shimla”
a) She said that my parents are going to Shimla
b) She said that her parents are going to Shimla
c) She said that her parents were going to Shimla
d) She said that her parents will be going to Shimla
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Who is the Vice Chancellor of Malayalam University?
a) K. Jayakumar
b) Anil Vallathol
c) G. Gopakumaran Nair
d) Dr. K. Radhakrishnan
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Which article guarantees equality in matters of employment in government offices?
a) Article 14
b) Article 15
c) Article 16
d) Article 17
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A clock is fast by 15 minutes in 24 hours. It is made right at 12 noon. What time will it show in ….
a) 4.10 AM
b) 4:15 AM
c) 3:45 AM
d) 4:30 AM
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Artocarpus integrifolia is the scientific name of:
a) Mango
b) Lemon
c) Jack Fruit
d) Apple
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Who was the author of ‘Why I am an Atheist’?
a) B.G. Tilak
b) Chandra Shekar Azad
c) M.N. Roy
d) Bhagat Singh
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Lasting only for a short while [Replace the phrase with one word]
a) transparent
b) temporary
c) temperate
d) temporal
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Which article of the constitution provides for the formation of Finance Commission?
a) Article 153
b) Article 226
c) Article 280
d) Article 312
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Find the set of numbers from the alternative set that is similar to the given (63, 49, 35)
a) 72, 40, 24
b) 72, 48, 24
c) 64, 40, 28
d) 81, 63; 45
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The fire force …………… the fire.
a) put up
b) put on
c) put down
d) put out
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The oldest written constitution of the world
a) USA
b) Greece
c) Switzerland
d) UK
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ശരിയായ പദമേത്?
a) അശ്വദ്ധാമാവ്
b) ഹാർദ്ദവം
c) പ്രവർത്തി
d) മയൂഖം
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Which smart city became India’s first city to run on 100% renewable energy during day time?
a) Jaipur
b) Diu
c) Indore
d) Bengaluru
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He was hanged …. murder.
a) by
b) for
c) over
d) beside
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Nuclids with the same atomic number, but different massmnumber are called:
a) Isotopes
b) Isotones
c) Isobar
d) Isosteres
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Who was the first man proclaim ‘India for Indians’?
a) Bala Gangadhara Thilak
b) Swami Vivekananda
c) Bipin Chandra Pal
d) Dayananda Saraswathi
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