Kerala PSC

Secretariat Assistant Exam – 11

The number of sphere of 6 cm diameter that can be made out of metalic solid cylinder of daimeter 4 cm and height 45 cm is

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What is a Flying Fox:
a) An Aeroplane
b) A kind of bat
c) Squirrel
d) A butterfly
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The book is being written by me [Change into Active Voice]
a) I write the book.
b) I am writing the book.
c) I was writing the book.
d) I have been writing the book.
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Deepa bought a calculator with 30% discount on the listed price. Had she not got the discount, she would have paid Rs. 82.50 extra. At what price did she buy the calculator?
a) Rs. 192.50
b) Rs. 275
c) Rs. 117.85
d) can’t be determined
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I can never see eye to eye with her on getting up early. The idiom means
a) to avoid eye contact
b) to agree
c) to look into somebody’s eyes
d) to be serious
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Yesterday …. European band of dancers met …. Chief Minister
a) an, the
b) a, an
c) an, a
d) a, the
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The Chief Spokesman of the government in Indian Parliament is
a) President
b) Vice-President
c) Speaker
d) Prime Minsiter
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The number of sphere of 6 cm diameter that can be made out of metalic solid cylinder of daimeter 4 cm and height 45 cm is:
a) 5
b) 6
c) 8
d) 10
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Lengths of the perpendiculars from a point in the interior of an equilateral triangle on its sides are 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm. Area of the triangle is
a) 48√3 cm²
b) 54√3 cm²
c) 72√3 cm²
d) 80√3 cm²
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Which pass connects Kannur to Coorg?
a) Wayanad pass
b) Periya pass
c) Bodinayakanoor pass
d) Perambadi pass
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If South East become North, North East become West and so on, then what will West become?
a) North East
b) South East
c) North West
d) None of the above
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Two perpendicular cross roads of equal width run through the middle of a rectangular field of length 80 m and breadth 60 m. If the area of the cross roads is 675 m², find the width of the roads.
a) 10 m
b) 5 m
c) 12 m
d) 11 m
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Two numbers x and y are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. x is how much per cent of y?
a) 30
b) 45
c) 60
d) 80
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Which state hosted the first meeting of NITI Forum for North East?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Tripura
c) Mizoram
d) Meghalaya
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Which Union ministry has recently joined hands with Ministry of Power to support household electrification scheme ‘Saubhagya’?
a) Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
c) Communications
d) Corporate Affairs
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Which one is not a part of a computer system:
a) Mother board
b) CPU
c) Keyboard
d) Scanner
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What is the name of the 24 satellite navigation system that uses multiple satellite signals to find a receiver’s position on Earth:
a) MMS
c) EMS
d) DLL
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നാഴി അരി ഏതു ഭേദകവിഭാഗത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണമാണ്?
a) സാംഖ്യം
b) ശുദ്ധം
c) വിഭാവകം
d) പാരിമാണികം
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Which protocol is used to receive e-mail
b) POP3
d) URL
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Which of the following Articles provides for impeachment of the President?
a) Article 61
b) Article 63
c) Article 72
d) Article 123
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Which Indian sportsperson has bagged gold in the men’s 25 meter Rapid Fire Pistol event at the 2018 ISSF Junior Shooting World Cup in Sydney?
a) Jithu Rai
b) Gagan Narang
c) Anish Bhanwala
d) Sanjeev Rajput
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Which is the first e-waste free Village of Kerala?
a) Thuruthikara
b) Cherumanthuruthu
c) Kakkanthuruthu
d) Mulanthuruthu
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The preamble of the constitution was amended for the first time by which amendment?
a) 52
b) 44
c) 61
d) 42
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The Ministry of External Affairs has launched an initiative ‘Videsh Aaya Pradesh ke Dwaar in which city?
a) Hyderabad
b) Chennai
c) Kolkatha
d) Mumbai
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The National Commission for women shall consist of …..?
a) A Chairperson, four other members and a Member Secretary
b) A Chairperson, six other members and a Member Secretary
c) A Chairperson, three other members and a Membe Secretary
d) A Chairperson, five other members and a Member Secretary
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Madhu is older than Suman, Meena is younger than Sobha. Rita is older than Madhu but not as old as Meena. Who is the youngest?
a) Sobha
b) Suman
c) Rita
d) Meena
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