Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 9

If an oral instruction is received from the Hon. Minister. What is to be done?

Each superintendent should maintain a register to record the staff going out at office ——————– hours
a) Security register
b) Personal register
c) Movement register
d) Distribution register
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The office will have one series of numbers starting with one and continuing consecutively up to the last number reached at the close of
a) Financial year
b) Calendar year
c) School year
d) None
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Stamps affixed on petitions or other documents should be defaced either by applying date stamp or cancelling by crossed line in ink. The following officer is not reaponsible for the observance of the above rule
a) The superintendent of the section
b) The tappal clerk
c) The subject clerk
d) None
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a) Original communication sent for information and action
b) Original communication sent for information and report
c) Original communication to be filed
d) None of the above
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Register not maintained by Tappal clerk
a) Distribution register
b) Security register
c) Special register
d) None of these
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A new requisition slip for record should be taken whenever a file or book has to be retained for more than ————— months since the earlier slip was issued.
a) Three
b) Five
c) Two
d) Six
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The duty of cancelling stamps affixed on petitions is laid primarily on
a) Subject clerk
b) Superintendent
c) Tappal clerk
d) None
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The responsibility of preparing arrear list and presentation before the Head of office not later than 10th of the month is vested with
a) Manager
b) Superintendent of Section
c) Fair copy superintendent
d) None of the these
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The letters to the office with in the head quarters are sent:
a) Local delivery book
b) By post
c) Fair copy register
d) By certificate of posting
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Where the despatch clerk enter the date of despatch in?
a) Personal register
b) Index register
c) Security register
d) Fair copy register
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Forms of disposals
a) R,D,K,L,N and F
b) Letter
c) XN Dis
d) None
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The following is not a nature of Tappal
a) Cards
b) Closed envelopes
c) Packets or telegram
d) None
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The term used to denote the process of copying and despatching communications intended for any person or authority is
a) Despatch
b) Local delivery
c) Issue
d) Disposal
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If an oral instruction is received from the Hon. Minister. What is to be done?
a) Brought to the notice of Administrative officer
b) Brought to the notice of Finance officer
c) Brought to the notice of Head of the Department
d) In the notice of manager
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Number of columns in Personal Register
a) Ten
b) Twelve
c) Fifteen
d) Thirteen
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The form of correspondence used to communicate and call for information between the sections in the same office
a) Memorandum
b) Endorsement
c) Proceedings
d) Letter
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Money, Cheques and other valuables received as enclosures to communications follows the procedure below. List the one which is wrong
a) The valuable will be entered by Tappal clerk in Security register
b) The communication with valuable should be distributed through Distribution register to the subject clerk
c) The valuable are delivered to the Manager for safe custody and his acknowledgement obtained in the Register and Margin on the communication
d) None of these
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Papers not ephemeral character
a) Tour Programmes
b) Papers wrongly addressed
c) Applications not in the prescribed form
d) None of these
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Whose responsibility is the supply of records?
a) Fair copy superintendent
b) Record keeper
c) Clerk of record section
d) Security officer
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An interval of 45 minutes are allowed to Govt. Employees from:
a) 1.15 to 2 pm
b) 1.00 to 1.45 pm
c) 12.45 to 1.30 pm
d) 12.30 to 1.15pm
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Members of the establishment are not prohibited to see the following person in office room
a) Relatives
b) Outsiders
c) Friends
d) None
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Who is to affix desptach stamp on each office copy?
a) Superintendent of despatch section
b) Section superintendent
c) Section clerk
d) Despatch clerk
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Peon should attend the office at
a) 0.416666667
b) 0.375
c) 9.30 am
d) 9.45 am
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Late attendace without permission for less than 3 days at the end of month/year
a) At the end of the month need not be carried over to the next month
b) At the end of a month except December shall be carried over to the next month
c) At the end of a calendar year need be reckoned
d) None of the above
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Each drafting clerk in a section will keep a reminder diary of a manuscript form of —————- pages
a) Thirty
b) Twenty four
c) Six
d) Twelve
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