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MOP – Test 8

No paper should be transferred to the call book unless no action is due in the office for a period of:

Tappals brought by the messenger should be acknowledged by
a) The superintendent of the section
b) The subject clerk
c) The tappal clerk
d) None of these
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It is written by the clerk to fecilitate disposal of
a) Case
b) Draft
c) Note
d) Number
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Piece-meal reference means
a) An information called from a subordinate which can be gathered from the office records
b) After one reference has been answered a second is made which should have been embodied in the first
c) Un necessary references made to a subordinate officer
d) None of the above
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Requisition for records shall be signed by:
a) Office Supt.
b) Section Supt.
c) Section Clerk
d) Manager
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Confidential papers will be registered either in a separate register or in the personal register under C.C. serial number where C.C. denotes:
a) Confidential with care
b) Current communication
c) Confidential content
d) Confidential current
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Which correspondance is undesirable to place on official records?
a) Memorandum
b) Endorsement
c) Letter
d) Demi-official
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Communications entered in Personal Register
a) XNDis/XLDis
b) Papers of ephemeral character
c) Papers which are to be filed
d) None of the above
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A communication received in the office is stamped and numbered is called
a) Draft
b) Old case
c) Communication
d) Current
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Papers will normally be submitted by the office within ————— days of their receipt in office
a) Two
b) Three
c) Five
d) Seven
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No paper should be transferred to the call book unless no action is due in the office for a period of:
a) Three months
b) One month
c) Six months
d) Nine months
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The form of correspondence used to communicate and call for information between the sections in the same office
a) Memorandum
b) Endorsement
c) Proceedings
d) Letter
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At the top of Note file will be placed
a) a yellow fly leaf
b) a bue fly leaf
c) a brown fly leaf
d) None
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A demand draft enclosed in an envelope is not sent to the addresse
a) Registered post
b) Under certificate of posting
c) Under ordinary post
d) None of the above
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The personal register will be destroyed after a period of —————– years
a) Three
b) Two
c) One
d) Five
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The movement register should be put up before the head of the office on every ————— day of the month
a) 5th day
b) 1st day
c) 10th day
d) 3rd day
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The first thing to do when writing an index title is to select the —————— which must be a word that will naturally occur to anyone who wants the papers.
a) Subject
b) Head
c) Sub head
d) Abstract
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How many index slips are prepared by the clerk?
a) Duplicate
b) Triplicate
c) Quadruplicate
d) Original
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A periodical statement received shall not be registered in
a) Distribution register
b) Personal register
c) Register of periodicals
d) None of the above
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The acknowledgement of the manager who receive the valuables in the office to be obtained in this place
a) Side of paper
b) Margins of the communication
c) Top of the communication
d) Separate paper
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What is to be prepared by the clerk when a disposal is to be indexed, on return of the file with final orders?
a) Index slip
b) Fair copy
c) Correction slip
d) Record slip
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Destruction of records require orders of
a) Record keeper
b) Superintendent/Manager
c) Head of the office/Department
d) None of the above
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When it is necessary to transfer a case to the call book the subject clerk should sent his personal register to the Tappal clerk who will enter in the last column of PR the call book number and date and make entries in call book. The paper will be put in to a ———————- jacket and hand over to the record keeper for safe custody.
a) Yellow
b) Blue
c) Brown
d) Red
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Govt. sometimes call for a report to be submitted after a year or so such calls need not be kept open till the time to reply to them arrives. Such files may be closed and entered in the:
a) Cash book
b) Day book
c) Record book
d) Call book
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The previous orders or other papers connected with or bearing on the subject of a current under consideration and putup in the case with the current will be called
a) Disposed papers
b) Putup papers
c) Original papers
d) Back file
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While typing a communication then the margin on the back side of paper
a) At the left side
b) At the right side
c) At both sides
d) None of the above
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