Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 7

The postal receipt attached to the registered or insured articles are acknowledged by

A precis of previous papers, statement of the facts reported and the proposals made in the current file is called
a) Current
b) Draft
c) Disposal
d) Note
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The postal receipt attached to the registered or insured articles are acknowledged by
a) Head of office
b) Manager
c) Superintendent
d) None of these
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When a petition of a party is rejected what is to be specified in the draft?
a) The reason should not be specified
b) Refuse to say reason
c) Reason should be specified
d) Reject
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Disposal of papers filed are watched through
a) Personal register
b) Register of periodicals
c) Distribution register
d) None of the above
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If there are several papers for issue to the same officer on the same day they shall be enclosed
a) Seperately in different covers
b) In one envelope
c) A list showing the communications sent
d) None of these
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The books such as KSR, KFC, KTC etc are put up for reference then the portion to be referred identifies by
a) Flagging
b) Marked with a tape or slip of paper
c) Neither flag or tape is paced
d) None of the above
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To draw the personal attention of the individual officer another officer addressed, the communication taken this form
a) Letter form
b) Endorsement
c) Note
d) Demi-official
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What is the subscription of all letters?
a) Yours faithfully
b) Yours sincerely
c) Yours obediently
d) Yours affectionately
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The process of marking the number of the disposal as a forward number on the inside of the jackets of all the back number files is known as:
a) Linking
b) Chaining
c) Indexing
d) Jacketing
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Who among the following officials is expected to make a detailed inspection of the record section in April every year and submit a report to the immediate superior authority?
a) The section Supt.
b) The Manager
c) The Head of Office
d) Office Supt.
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Who among the following officials is directly responsible for seeing the prompt despatch of papers sent to him for issue?
a) Office Supt.
b) Fair copy Supt.
c) Despatch clerk
d) Tappal clerk
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The classification of disposal are entered in the —————— column of Personal Register
a) 12th
b) last
c) 9th
d) 8th
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A regional office of a Govt. department wrote a letter to Govt. How this can be sent to Govt.?
a) Send directly to Govt.
b) Send through post
c) Send through the messanger
d) Send through the Head of department
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When the disposal is forwarded to record section what is to be obtained from record section by fair copy section
a) Acknowledgement
b) Despatch details
c) Receipt
d) Section number
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The valuables received in the office sent for safe custody of
a) Section clerk
b) Superintendent
c) Manager
d) Head of office
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Which of the following consists of the official papers under disposal to which are subsequently added the office copy of the intermediate official reference and the replies to such reference?
a) Note file
b) Current file
c) Stock file
d) Closed file
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Local delivery book is maintained by
a) Tappal clerk
b) Despatch clerk
c) Subject clerk
d) None of these
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All papers marked for issue are ordinarily expected to be issued within —————— hours of its receipt in the fair copy section
a) Six
b) Twelve
c) Ten
d) Twenty four
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When a current file is closed, the nature of the disposal R.D is D-Dis etc. and the date will be entered in red ink in the ——————— of the personal register
a) Col. 9
b) Col. 5
c) Col. 8
d) Last column
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An officer’s query on a current is answered promptly
a) In the current itself
b) On the margin of the current
c) In the note file
d) None of the above
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A communication received in the office is stamped and numbered is called
a) Draft
b) Old case
c) Communication
d) Current
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The stamps received in the office duly affixed on petition are defaced by
a) Head of office
b) Superintendent
c) Section clerk
d) Tappal clerk
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The callbook will be in the custody of:
a) Subject clerk
b) Section Supt.
c) Office Supt.
d) Tappal clerk
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In which file the concerned clerk add the current, if it is related to an unclosed case
a) Closed file
b) Reference file
c) Stock file
d) Current file
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What is the salutation form of letters in respect of a lady?
a) Sir
b) Mrs
c) Mr
d) Madam
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