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MOP – Test 6

Communications etc intended for the officers living in headquarters will be delivered through

An office opens at 10.00 am. An officer attended the office 10.10 am
a) Late mark entered in the Attendance Register
b) He should put initial with time in the Attendance Register
c) Attended in time and not treated as late
d) None of the above
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Copies of official communications addressed to Govt. officers should not be sent to non-officials. They should be addressed by
a) Demi-official letter
b) Memorandum
c) Proceedings
d) Letters
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The secretary to service organization who is the subordinate of the officer is addressed on a matter connected with the service organization form.
a) Memorandum
b) Endorsement
c) Letter
d) Demi-official
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A communication to the Public Service Commission is addressed to
a) The chairman
b) The secretary
c) The member
d) None of the above
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The preparation of any communication is called
a) Noting
b) Communication
c) Drafting
d) Letter writing
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The authority to pass orders on the notes submitted from the section is
a) Head of office
b) Superintendent
c) Subordinate officer
d) Gazetted officer
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A reply to a petitioner contains
a) Full text of orders of the Head of office
b) So much of the text as may bear immediately on the petitioner’s representation.
c) The copy of order issued by the officer in the note file
d) None of the above
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After the heads and sub heads which is placed
a) Title proper
b) Index
c) Slip
d) Head
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The details of money, cheque and other valuables received as enclosure to communications will be entered in which of the following registers:
a) Personal register
b) Stock register
c) Security register
d) Distibution register
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Classification of disposals
a) Proceedings
b) Memorandum
c) R,D,K,L,N and F
d) None of the above
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Communications etc intended for the officers living in headquarters will be delivered through
a) Despatch register
b) Fair copy register
c) Local delivery book
d) Distribution register
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The register maintained by despatch clerk
a) Distribution register
b) Personal register
c) Stamp account register
d) None of the above
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The following instructions are to be observed for registry of papers in Personal register except
a) As soon as the papers are received the subject clerk must at once enter them in the Personal register
b) Papers are registered not in the order of numbers stamped on them
c) The title to be entered in column(4) shall be as brief as possible
d) When a paper is submitted by the subject clerk to a gazetted officer the fact and date of submission should be entered in column(5)
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Reply to a reference issued from the office has to be filed with a current already pending is called
a) New case
b) Present case
c) Note
d) Old case
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Which among the following is a minor division of the office consisting of a Supt. and one or more clerks?
a) Section
b) Office section
c) Tappal section
d) Despatch section
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The current and enclosure arranged below is punched and a tag is passed through the hole is
a) Indexing
b) Typing
c) Tagging
d) Punching
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Which among the following words will enable one to trace the papers containing the orders passed on any particular subject?
a) Titles
b) Indexes
c) Heads
d) Bracketed heads
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Peon of an office collected the stamps affixed on petitions and sold Who is not responsible for the irregularly
a) Superintendent
b) Tappal clerk
c) Subject clerk
d) None
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How many years can keep the record issue register?
a) Five years
b) Ten years
c) Seven years
d) Three years
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Tappal received in an office will be opened in the presence of:
a) Office Supt.
b) Fair copy Supt.
c) Head of the office
d) Manager
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How the index slip are used in the office?
a) Punched with 2 holes
b) Without punching
c) Punched with 3 holes
d) Punched with 4 holes
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The call book shall be submitted for inspection once in every:
a) Two months
b) Month
c) Six months
d) Three months
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At the top of note file what colour fly leaf is placed
a) Yellow
b) Brown
c) Cream
d) Dark
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Who is the custodian of the attendance register in a section?
a) Section Clerk
b) Section Supt.
c) Office Supt.
d) Head of office
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—————— consists of all communications addressed to the head of the office whether in the form of cards, closed envelopes, packets or telegram.
a) Current
b) Enclosure
c) Tappal
d) Disposal
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