Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 4

In the course of dealing with a subject, a fresh subject arises, what is desirable to deal it

A petition submitted a complaint in a govt. office and requested for acknowledgment
a) To be rejected
b) To be filed
c) To be submitted
d) To be acknowledged
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How many entries can be made on each page of the personal register?
a) Three
b) Four
c) Five
d) Six
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If an order filed in a stock file is superceded by another or when an order becomes absolute who among the following officials see that such orders are removed from the stock file and placed in the record file:
a) Section Supt.
b) Office Supt.
c) Section Clerk
d) Record keeper
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Such closing of files are strictly prohibited
a) Early closing
b) Final closing
c) Premature closing
d) Emergency closing
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In the course of dealing with a subject, a fresh subject arises, what is desirable to deal it
a) Closing of the file
b) Disposal of the file
c) Opening of a fresh file
d) Arising file
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Letters etc intended for officers and others living in head quarters will be delivered
a) By post
b) By peons and not sent by post
c) By post under certificate of posting
d) None of these
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The term used to denote the process of copying and despatching of communication is
a) Despatching
b) Issue
c) Sending
d) Forwarding
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When staff of an establishment required to leave the section for a short time then the staff should note the time of departure, expected time of arrival and purpose of leaving the section are entered in a Register called
a) Attendance register
b) Late attendance register
c) Movement register
d) None of the above
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All communications are sent from an office in the name of
a) Head of office
b) Superintendent
c) Gazetted officer
d) Head of department
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The manager of head Ministerial officer will inspect the record room at least once in
a) A year
b) Half a year
c) A quarter
d) None of these
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The tappal is opened and stamped in the presence of
a) Section clerk
b) Superintendent
c) Tappal clerk
d) Head of office
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Who will examine the local delivery book daily?
a) Section clerk
b) Despatching clerk
c) Section superintendent
d) Security officer
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The following is a register not maintained by subject clerk
a) Personal register
b) Register of periodicals
c) Security register
d) None of the above
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Fair copies of official communications intended for higher authorities are to be signed by the:
a) Section Supt.
b) Manager
c) Fair copy Supt.
d) Head of the office
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To watch the punctual receipt or despatch of periodical reports and returns each clerk will maintain:
a) Register of reports
b) Register of periodicals
c) Register of returns
d) Despatch register
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In which way a communication is sent to a subordinate officer for remarks
a) Endorsement form
b) Demi-official
c) Letter form
d) Proceedings
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Number of letter forms are commonly known as
a) Three kinds
b) Five kinds
c) Four kinds
d) Seven kinds
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Classes of papers to be entered in Personal register
a) Periodical statements after they are numbered in the Distribution register
b) Papers which are to be filed in the record files
c) Papers which are to be entered in special registers
d) Papers not in an ephemeral character except (a), (b), (c)
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The Tappals are distributed to the subject clerk by
a) Tappal clerk
b) Superintendent of the section
c) Head of office
d) None
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Stock files are
a) Permanent files of valuables
b) Permanent files of important orders
c) There will be only one file for the whole office
d) None of the above
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Permanent files of important Govt. orders which are required for frequent reference must be carefully kept upto date in the
a) Periodical register
b) Stock file
c) Stock register
d) Current file
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When the volume of index slip became bulky
a) to be destroyed
b) to be kept in a separate place
c) to be thrown out
d) broken upto smaller volumes
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Papers of ephemeral character are not entered in this register
a) Personal Register
b) Tappal Register
c) Distribution Register
d) Security Register
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How many entries are made on a page of Personal Register
a) One
b) Two
c) Many
d) None
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Before sending a final disposal to the fair copy section who among the following should satisfy himself that there is no other to be taken?
a) Head of the office
b) Office Supt.
c) Section Supt.
d) Subject clerk
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