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MOP – Test 3

Treatment of papers relating to more than one section are the following, except

Who will send the disposal to the record section?
a) Section
b) Fair copy section
c) Head clerk
d) Section clerk
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A minor division of office consisting of a superintendent and one or more clerks under him is called
a) Section
b) Tappal
c) Part
d) Category
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When a file is finally disposed of the file with a copy of which is sent to record room
a) Disposal jacket
b) Index slip
c) File copy
d) Flag
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A file ordered to “lie over” for a month
a) Transferred to call book
b) The order authorized a current to be closed
c) No entry is necessary in the call book
d) None of the above
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When an order is passed that a case is “lie over” for a few days
a) No entry in the call book
b) The paper may be transferred to call book
c) The paper may be closed in personal register
d) None of these
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A new personal register is opened for every
a) Six months
b) Ten months
c) Two years
d) Calendar year
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Which disposal to be sent out in original?
a) N disposal
b) L disposal
c) F disposal
d) D disposal
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A ——————– should be used if an order deals with more than one subject which falls under more than one head.
a) Referencing
b) Indexing
c) Cross reference
d) Internal reference
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Notes shall be written on a paper
a) of fool’s cap size with half margin
b) of a fool’s cap size with one third margin
c) distinct from those of draft with a margin as usual
d) None of the above
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Treatment of papers relating to more than one section are the following, except
a) It should be taken by the section which is concerned with the first point
b) That section should register it and if the points are sufficiently important then give extract to other section for taking action
c) The other section also register it and take separate action
d) None
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Which among the following forms of correspondance is to be used when an officer has to be addressed without the formality of official procedure with a view to the interchange of communications of opinions or information?
a) Letter
b) Proceedings
c) Memorandum
d) Demi-official
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All records issued out of the record section shall be entered in the
a) Record issue register
b) Record register
c) Stock register
d) Distribution register
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The process of filing the slips in the record room in one combined index for the whole office is known as
a) Indexing of records
b) Filing of index slips
c) Filing slips
d) Combilation of files
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Applications not in the prescribed form government gazettes and other printed pamphlets, publications etc
a) Are entered in Distribution register
b) Are papers of ephemeral character
c) Are numbered in special register
d) None of these
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When final disposal is made, the nature and date of disposal to be completed in this register
a) Distribution register
b) Security register
c) Valuable register
d) Personal register
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The attendance register will be laid by its custodian before the superior officer together with the:
a) Day book
b) Tappal book
c) Daily attendance abstract register
d) Distribution register
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“Record issue register” is one maintained by the following officer.
a) Tappal Clerk
b) Subject Clerk
c) Despatch Clerk
d) None of the above
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The tappal received in the office is opened and entered in
a) Despatch register
b) Distribution register
c) Personal register
d) Reference register
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The instructions in the note under Rule 92(a) (i) KTC. Vol I shall be followed for maintaining
a) Call book
b) Attendance register
c) Cash book
d) Stock register
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It is consists of the current file and note file
a) Old file
b) Case
c) New case
d) File
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Premature disposals shall be made
a) merely because a case has been pending for a long time
b) for a communication to which is reply is expected
c) as it falsify the statistics of pendency
d) None of the above
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“Verified that the current carrying the above numbers have been entered in the Personal register”: This certificate is furnished in
a) Personal register
b) Distribution register
c) Special register
d) None of these
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It is primary duty of the —————————– to see that index titles are prepared properly
a) Subject clerk
b) Section Supt.
c) Head of the office
d) Office Supt.
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A new personal register is opened for every year
a) Financial year
b) Sakha year
c) Calender year
d) Malayalam year
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Who among the following officials should check the accuracy of the titles when he examines the personal register?
a) Manager
b) Office Supt.
c) Section Supt.
d) Head of the office
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