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MOP – Test 2

No paper should be transferred to the call book unless no action is due in the office for a period of

The practice of closing a current merely because it has been pending a long time and opening a new current is called
a) Part disposal
b) Premature disposal
c) Final disposal
d) Intermediate disposal
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Applications not in the prescribed form government gazettes and other printed pamphlets, publications etc
a) Are entered in Distribution register
b) Are papers of ephemeral character
c) Are numbered in special register
d) None of these
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No paper should be transferred to the call book unless no action is due in the office for a period of
a) One month
b) Six months
c) Twelve months
d) None
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The corrections and interlineations should be avoided in
a) Camparing
b) Despatching
c) Fair copying
d) In draft
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A pricise of previous papers, statement of facts reported, proposals made in the current file arguments for and any measure proposals and suggestion regarding action to be taken
a) Enclosure
b) Disposal
c) Note
d) Case
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Who among the following officials is expected to open the envelopes addressed by name and those marked ‘secret’ or ‘strictly confidential’?
a) The addressee
b) Office Supt.
c) Section Supt.
d) Tappal Clerk
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Register maintained by tappal clerk
a) Personal register
b) Call book
c) Register of periodicals
d) None of the above
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Which disposal are to be filed?
a) L disposal
b) F disposal
c) X disposal
d) D disposal
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In which area of the file the arguments for add against any measure can be taken?
a) Draft
b) Reference
c) Reply
d) Note
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The record keeper should prepare arrear list of records taken out by the clerks for more than 3 months ago
a) First of every calendar year
b) First of every month
c) On expiry of 3 months from the date of taking over the record from the section
d) None
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In the case of an arising current the word ———— will be entered in Col: 4 of the personal register
a) New
b) Arising
c) Lodged
d) Old
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Number of records to be asked for in one requisition slip is
a) Two
b) One
c) Five
d) Three
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An officer writes questions on the margin of the note file and where the clerk to furnish reply
a) Margin
b) In continuation of the note file
c) Bottom of the note
d) Top of the note
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When valuables are received the tappal clerk enter the details in
a) Security register
b) Personal Register
c) Register of immovable property
d) Tappal register
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The process of putting up previous correspondence is
a) Disposal
b) Flagging
c) Indexing
d) Referencing
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On the fly leaf in each volume of personal register the names of the following officers are entered except
a) Superintendent of the section
b) Clerk
c) Head of office
d) None of these
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When a reference is from bulky volume to be put up this is sufficient
a) Complete volume
b) Extracts of passage
c) Stock file
d) Current file
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A letter is received from a MP
a) No reply
b) Ordinary reply
c) Careful consideration
d) Ignore
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Personal register in form No. III App. I contains —————— columns on each page
a) Twelve
b) Eleven
c) Nine
d) Ten
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The comparing clerk after comparison of fair copies will be initialed
a) At the left hand bottom corner
b) At the right hand bottom corner
c) Below the entry of designation of the officer who is to sign
d) None of these
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How a running note will go until the final orders?
a) Continuation
b) Piece meal
c) Para by para
d) With interception
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How the amount noted in the draft is to be clearly shown?
a) To be entered in figure only
b) In words as well as in figures
c) Nothing to be entered
d) To be entered in words only
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In record room in which way the index slips are filed in one combined index
a) Division wise
b) For whole office
c) Section wise
d) Region wise
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The system of indexing on the basis of index slip is known as
a) Flagging
b) Indexing
c) Crossing
d) Slip index system
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The names of the ——————– and the clerk maintaining the personal register should be written on the fly leaf in each volume.
a) Section Supt
b) Manager
c) Head of the office
d) Office Supt
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