Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 19

The Manager or the Head ministerial officer will inspect the record room at least once

When a current file is closed the nature of the disposal R-Dis, D-Dis etc. and the date will be entered in red ink in ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. of the Personal Register.
a) Column-9
b) Last Column
c) Column-7
d) Column-5
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All papers marked for issue are ordinarily expected to be issued within ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. of its receipt in the Fair Copy Section.
a) twelve hours
b) two days
c) twenty four hours
d) five days
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The body of the letter follows after the :
a) Address
b) Reference
c) Subject
d) Number
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The Manager or the Head ministerial officer will inspect the record room at least once :
a) in six months
b) in a quarter
c) in a year
d) in one month
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No paper should be transferred to the call book unless no action is due in the office for a period of :
a) Three months
b) Six months
c) Two years
d) One year
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Copies of proceedings on disciplinary cases should be signed by :
a) The head of the office
b) Head Ministerial Officer
c) Senior Superintendent
d) Fair Copy Superintendent
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Papers will normally be submitted by the office within ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. of their receipt in office.
a) Two days
b) Three days
c) Ten days
d) Five days
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A new requisition slip should be taken whenever a file or book has to be retained for more than ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. since the earlier slip was issued.
a) One month
b) Three months
c) Five months
d) Six months
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It is the duty of one of the following officers to check the accuracy of the titles when he examines the Personal Register :
a) Section Superintendent
b) Head of the Office
c) Manager
d) Office Superintendent
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Annual index list will be destroyed after :
a) Ten years
b) Five years
c) Twenty years
d) Two years
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Copies of special communications addressed to Government officers should not be sent to non-officials. They should be addressed by :
a) Demi official letter
b) Memorandum
c) Letter
d) Proceedings
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Tappal received in an office will be opened in the presence of :
a) Manager
b) Office Superintendent
c) Head of the Office
d) Fair Copy Superintendent
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Permanent files of important orders maintained for case of reference and which must be carefully kept up to date for official use is called :
a) Record files
b) Stock file
c) Closed files
d) Current file
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The names of the ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. and the Section Clerk maintaining the Personal Register should be written on the fly leaf in each volume.
a) Head of the Office
b) Section Superintendent
c) Manager
d) Office Superintendent
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Watching of return of records is one of the important duties of the :
a) Fair Copy Superintendent
b) Office Superintendent
c) The Store Keeper
d) The Record Keeper
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A paper is said to be ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. when it is given current number and entered with an abstract in the Personal Register.
a) Disposed
b) Despatched
c) Filed
d) Registered
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A communication received in the office which is stamped with the number of the office is, until disposal known as :
a) Current
b) Case
c) Enclosure
d) Received paper
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XN – disposals are those that are to be :
a) Destroyed after one year
b) Destroyed after three years
c) Do not register but lodge
d) Do not register but return in original
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The body of the letter follows after the :
a) Address
b) Reference
c) Subject
d) Number
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The head of the office inspecting the Record room should verify :
a) Whether the Record room is in good repair and protected from white ants
b) Whether the records are well arranged and kept neatly
c) Whether fire fighting equipments is available
d) All the above
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Official communications intended for the High Court should be addressed to the :
a) Chief Justice
b) Registrar
c) Advocate General
d) Secretary
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A member of the office establishment shall not leave the office premises during working hours without the previous permission of the :
a) supt. of the section
b) head of the office
c) manger
d) office supt.
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To watch the punctual receipt or despatch of periodical reports and returns each clerk will maintain one of the following registers.
a) register of periodicals
b) register of reports
c) register of returns
d) despatch register
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Which form of correspondence is adopted when the head of the office records his decision in exercise of a statutory power or where he records important executive decisions ?
a) Memorandum
b) Endorsement
c) Demi-official
d) Proceedings
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When Govt. officers correspond with each other or with any member of the public on administrative or official matters without the formality of official procedure and with a view to the interchange or communication of opinion or information which it may be considered undesirable to place on official record, the form of correspondence adopted is :
a) Unofficial
b) Demi – official
c) Letter
d) Endorsement
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