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MOP – Test 16

The statement of the final decision of the head of the office on any matter submitted for information or orders

Copies of proceedings on disciplinary cases should be signed by :
a) The Head of the office
b) Head Ministerial officer
c) Section Supt.
d) Fair Copy Supt.
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Out of office hours and no holidays the clerk on duty should see that any telegram or other communications marked special or urgent or express are sent to :
a) The Head of the Dept.
b) Head of the office
c) Office supt.
d) Manager
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The attendance Register will be laid by its custodian before the Superior officer together with the :
a) Tappal Book
b) Distribution Register
c) Movement Register
d) Daily Attendance Abstract Register
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Annual Index Slip will be destroyed after :
a) Ten years
b) Five years
c) Twenty years
d) Fifteen years
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The statement of the final decision of the head of the office on any matter submitted for information or orders :
a) Correspondence
b) Disposal
c) Proceedings
d) Rulings
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No paper should be transferred to the Call Book unless no action is due in the office for a period of :
a) three months
b) six months
c) two years
d) one year
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Papers received as Tappal excepting those of ephemeral character are numbered by the Tappal Clerk in the :
a) Distribution Register
b) Personal Register
c) Security Register
d) Local Delivery Book
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Rules to be observed in fair copying :
a) Verify whether the draft has been approved by competent authority
b) Ascertain the number of copies required
c) Should be typed on both sides of the paper
d) All the above
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Colour of the fly leaf which is added to at the beginning of the note file :
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Yellow
d) Green
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A precis of previous papers statement of the facts reported and the proposals made in the current file is called :
a) Draft
b) Disposal
c) Note
d) Current
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How many columns are there in the Personal Register as provided in Form III Appendix I ?
a) Ten
b) Five
c) Twelve
d) Seven
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……. ……. ……. should be used if an order deals with more than one subject which falls under more than one head.
a) Referencing
b) Indexing
c) Internal reference
d) Cross reference
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All communications received in the office which are official or demi official are, until numbering known as :
a) New case
b) Arising reference
c) Tappal
d) Current
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In an office which officer is expected to open the envelopes addressed by name and those marked Secret or Strictly Confidential ?
a) The Section Superintendent
b) The Office Superintendent
c) The Tappal Clerk
d) The Addressee
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The names of the ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. and the section clerk maintaining the personal register should be written on the flyleaf each volume.
a) manager
b) head of the office
c) section supt.
d) office supt.
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The work of fair copying, comparing and despatching is done in the :
a) Office Section
b) Fair copy section
c) Tappal section
d) Despatch section
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Which of the following is a minor division of the office consisting of a Supt. and one or more clerks ?
a) Office Section
b) Section
c) Secret Section
d) Sub division office
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Which among the following forms of correspondence will be used where the head of the offfice records his decision in exercise of a statutory power or when he records important executive decisions ?
a) Memorandum form
b) Proceedings form
c) Endorsement form
d) Demi-official form
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Who among the following officers is directly reponsible for seeing to the prompt despatch of papers sent to him for issue ?
a) Fair copy supt.
b) Office supt.
c) Despatch clerk
d) Tappal clerk
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As a general rule the ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. ……. should be used only for messages which are short and really urgent.
a) Telegram
b) Special messenger
c) Teleprinter
d) Telephone
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A communication or a statement or a plan, sketch or other document which is attached to or accompanies another communication to supplement or elucidate the point, intention or orders conveyed in the letter is called :
a) Putup papers
b) Current file
c) Enclosure
d) Disposal
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The Fair Copy Supt. is directly responsible for :
a) The efficient working of the section
b) Supervision of entries in the fair copy register
c) Prompt despatch of papers sent to him for issue
d) All the above
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Fair copies intended for higher authorities are signed by :
a) The Head of the office
b) The Section Supt.
c) Section Clerk
d) Fair Copy Supt.
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On receipt of the Arrear List, which of the following officials should compare them with the pendency as per the Distribution Register ?
a) Office Superintendent
b) Section Superintendent
c) Fair Copy Superintendent
d) Subject Clerk
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The Call Book will be in the custody of :
a) Subject clerk
b) Tappal clerk
c) Office supt.
d) Section supt.
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