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MOP – Test 12

Confidential papers which the head of the office does not think it necessaty to retain his own custody will be kept by:

In “Five days rule” the five days are calculated with effect from
a) The date of receipt of current by the subject clerk
b) The date noted by the officer opened the Tappal excluding Holidays
c) The date entered by the officer opened the Tappal including holidays
d) None
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The postal receipt attached to the registered or insured articles are acknowledged by
a) Head of office
b) Manager
c) Superintendent
d) None of these
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Who will be in the place of records issued?
a) Flag
b) Red mark
c) Index
d) Slip
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In whose custody the attendance register will be kept in each sections
a) Superintendent
b) Section clerk
c) Head of office
d) Asst. Director
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Attendance register, instructions to be followed, list the statement not correct.
a) The register is kept in the custody of the Superintendent of each section
b) The register will be closed by the Superintendent 10 minutes after the office opens and will be laid before the Superior officer
c) Middle level officers and Senior officers who have personal staff attached to their offices are also mark attendance in the general Attendance Register of section
d) None of these
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Confidential papers which the head of the office does not think it necessaty to retain his own custody will be kept by:
a) The Supt.
b) The confidential assistant
c) The manager
d) The storekeeper
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Confidential papers- instructions followed except
a) Confidential papers are kept in the personal custody of the Head of office or the Manager in an Almirah
b) The papers will be registered either by the stenographer in a separate register or by subject clerk in personal register
c) The papers on numbering known as CC (Confidential Current)
d) If the paper is entered in Personal register of subject clerk title to be written specifically in the register
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Which slip is pasted in the envelop?
a) Index slip
b) Urgent slip
c) Economy slip
d) Immediate slip
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A paper which is not connected with a pending case in the office or one which originates in the office is treated as:
a) An old case
b) A new case
c) Putup papers
d) Tappal
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Official correspondence to the Kerala public service commission shluld be addressed to the:
a) Chairman
b) Controller
c) Secretary
d) Joint Secretary
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Any reference issued from the office which originates the file is called:
a) An official reference
b) A cross reference
c) Internal reference
d) Arising reference
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A communication received in the office which is stamped with the number of the office is, until disposal known as a:
a) Current
b) Case
c) Tappal
d) Disposal
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D-disposals are those that are to be destroyed after —————- years
a) Five
b) Three
c) One
d) Ten
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District officers and regional officers should address the Govt. through the:
a) Head of the Dept.
b) Head of the office
c) Head ministerial officer
d) Manager
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Telephone messages, select the one not related
a) Orders should not be communicated by telephone
b) In emergency and in such special cases messages for orders communicated
c) No message should be confirmed with formal official communications by post copies of Telephone messages.
d) None of these
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Muslim officers will be granted 2 hours from 12.30 to 2.30 pm on this day for Jumma prayers
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Saturday
d) Friday
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Filed Govt. orders if they have been indexed
a) R Disposals
b) D Disposals
c) K Disposals
d) None of the above
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How many years the despatch-cum account register is to be retained?
a) Five years
b) One year
c) Three years
d) Ten years
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Generally who is authorised to inspect the record room periodically
a) Record keeper
b) Head ministerial officer
c) Clerk
d) U.D. Clerk
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A ———————– fly leaf is added to the notefile at the beginning.
a) Yellow
b) Brown
c) Blue
d) Red
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Who should sign the proceedings criticising the subordinate officer?
a) Gazetted officer
b) Head of office
c) Subordinate officer
d) Section superintendent
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Who among the following officials shall make arrangements for the maintenance, accounting and security of registers?
a) Office Supt.
b) Record keeper
c) Head of the office
d) Supt.
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Tappals either by post or messenger or otherwise are received in the office section by:
a) Office Supt.
b) Office peon
c) Tappal clerk
d) Despatch clerk
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Action allowed in “Arising Reference”
a) The same is not numbered in distribution register
b) The number will be assigned and registered in the same way as any other paper received in the Tappal
c) The same is entered only in personal register
d) None of these
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A member of the staff wishing to leave the section should note the time of departure, the time of expected return and the purpose before leaving the section in the:
a) Movement register
b) Tappal register
c) Personal register
d) Record register
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