Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 11

List of Registers to be maintained in each section shall be prepared and issued in office order by

“Copies should be made in the smallest sheet consistent with the dignity and requirements of the communications”. This is an instruction to
a) The subject clerk
b) The Record keeper
c) The typist
d) None
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What is to be handed over when a clerk goes on casual leave?
a) Of the properties in possession
b) Registers
c) Office key
d) Files
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Which form of correspondence is generally adopted when an officer of one dept. wants any information from an officer of another dept.?
a) Demi-official
b) Letter
c) Endorsement
d) Proceedings
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K-Disposals are those that are to be destroyed after —————— years.
a) Three
b) Two
c) Five
d) Ten
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List of Registers to be maintained in each section shall be prepared and issued in office order by
a) Superintendent of section
b) The Head of office
c) The Head ministerial officer
d) None of these
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Agreements or contracts got executed in various accounts on behalf of the office should be kept in the custody of the:
a) Manager
b) Supt.
c) Fair copy Supt.
d) Head of the office
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The reply to MLA from Panchayath department Head quarters office secretariat on his petition to be signed by:
a) Section Superintendent
b) Not below the rank of joint secretary
c) Gazetted officer
d) District officer
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Pre-payment of postage charges on a registered parcel addressed to an examiner.
a) A large number of low value stamps are affixed
b) Minimum number of high value stamps are affixed
c) High value stamps and low value stamps are used @ 50% value
d) None of the above
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When arising references are entered in Personal Register then the word “arising” will be entered in
a) Column 3
b) Column 4
c) Column 5
d) Column 10
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A reply to a reference issued from the office, or a paper which, though not a reply of that nature, has for any other reason to be filed with a current already pendig in the office is called:
a) A fresh case
b) An old case
c) A pendig file
d) A linked file
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When the attendance closes after the office opens?
a) 15 minutes
b) 10 minutes
c) 20 minutes
d) None of these
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Who among the following officers should set an example to others by themselves attending office punctually?
a) Section Supt.
b) Head of the office
c) Office Supt.
d) Head ministerial officer
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The form used where the Head of Office records his decisions in exercise of statutory power
a) Memorandum
b) Endorsement
c) Proceedings
d) None of the above
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In case confidential papers, what is affixed on both end of the economy slip
a) Label
b) Zeal
c) Paper
d) Slip
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Use of Economy label. Select the wrong statement in relation to Economy label
a) The object being that the envelope should be used over and over again
b) Economy label should be used also in the case of confidential papers sent in an envelope
c) Economy label should be used to registered envelopes
d) None of the above
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As a general rule ——————- should be used only for message which are short and really urgent.
a) Telegram
b) Special messenger
c) Telephone
d) Teleprinter
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The register maintained by subject clerk
a) Distribution register
b) Personal register
c) Security register
d) None
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Every communication received in the office and registers and papers, notes, correspondance and disposals are not confidential to
a) Public
b) Govt. employees of outside officers
c) Employees of other sections in the office
d) None
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Before signing the paper on which issue special care should be given by the signing authority
a) Correctly copied
b) Sufficient copies taken
c) Legal matters
d) Letter is compared
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How many pages are to be typed by a Malayalam typist daily?
a) 10 pages of 28 lines
b) 28 pages of 28 lines
c) 15 pages of 28 lines
d) 20 pages of 28 lines
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Valuables intended for despatch will be put in envelopes or packed and sealed in the presence of the:
a) Section Supt.
b) Office Supt.
c) Fair copy Supt.
d) Manager
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Papers numbered by Tappal clerk in the distribution register
a) Post copies of Telegrams
b) Tour Programmes
c) Unstamped or insufficiently stamped petitions
d) All communications received in the office which is stamped with the number of the office except of ephemeral character
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Give the name of the register in form No. XVI to be maintained by the typist:
a) Daily register
b) Work register
c) Distribution register
d) Daily work load register
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The duration of interval for Tiffin
a) One hour from 1 pm to 2 pm
b) An interval 45 minutes from 1 pm to 1.45 pm
c) An interval 45 minutes from 1.15 pm to 2 pm
d) None of these
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Forfeiture of a days casual leave will ordinarily be the penalty for every ——————– days late attendance without permission
a) Two
b) Five
c) Three
d) Four
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