Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 10

The number of entries on each page of the personal register shall ordinarily be

The register maintained by Tappal clerk
a) Personal register
b) Distribution register
c) Special register
d) None of these
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When telephone messages are received it is treated as:
a) Demi-official
b) Endorsement
c) Letter
d) Memorandum
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The fair copy superintendent is to submit this register to the head of office every month for verification:
a) Call book
b) Stamp account
c) Movement register
d) Attendance register
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Letters etc intended for officers and others living in head quarters will, as far as possible be delivered by office peons after obtaining proper acknowledgment in the register called:
a) Local delivery book
b) Security register
c) Distribution register
d) Despatch register
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The number of entries on each page of the personal register shall ordinarily be:
a) Five
b) Six
c) Ten
d) Three
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How many years can keep the record issue register?
a) Five years
b) Ten years
c) Seven years
d) Three years
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How many records can be issued from the same time from the record section?
a) Two
b) More than one
c) One
d) Five
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In which method the registers in the Govt. officer can be maintained
a) Written form
b) Prescribed form
c) Carbon copy form
d) Tagged sheets
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Filed Govt. orders if they have not been indexed will be regarded as
a) R Disposals
b) D Disposals
c) K Disposals
d) None of the above
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The MP is writing a letter to the District Collector to draw his attention to an urgent matter. Who is to sign the reply to the MP:
a) Collector
b) Finance officer
c) Gazetted officer
d) Junior superintendent
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All Tappals either by post or by messenger or othewise are received by
a) Office peon
b) Superintendent
c) Tappal clerk
d) None of the above
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Casual leave select the wrong statement from the following
a) Casual leave will not be granted on vague or general grounds
b) The purpose for which the leave is required must be stated definitely
c) When a clerk goes on leave he must invariably handover any office key in his custody to the Superintendent of the section
d) None of these
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A new personal register is opened for every
a) Financial year
b) Calendar year
c) Academic year
d) None
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When economy slip cannot be used?
a) Registered post
b) Certificate of posting
c) By special messenger
d) Local delivery
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In every office there will be a separate section called the record section in charge of a:
a) Store keeper
b) Record supplier
c) Record keeper
d) Record attender
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In papers relating to suits the number of the suit is preceded by appropriate abbreviation like 'AS' which means
a) Appeal suit
b) Assessment suit
c) Additional suit
d) Appeal section
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The previous orders of other papers connected on the subject of a current under consideration and put up in the case with the current means
a) Referencing
b) Put up papers
c) Flagging
d) None of these
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Select the wrong statement from the following
a) Muslim officers who wish to offer Jumma Prayers will be granted interval 2 hours from 12.00 noon to 2 pm
b) Muslim officers who wish to offer Jumma Prayers will be granted interval 2 hours from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm on Fridays
c) The time spent is made up with outside office hours on the same or other days of the week
d) None
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Name of the register maintained by the typists
a) Call book
b) Reminder diary
c) Daily work load Register in Form XVI
d) None
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Normally when receipt of petitions will be acknowledged by Govt. office:
a) Fifteen days
b) Five days
c) Three days
d) One week
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The nature of the reference issued will be noted Col. 7 of the personal register, the letters 'O.M' being adopted for
a) Office memorandum
b) Office manual
c) Office methods
d) Office management
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Pick out the wrong statement from the following
a) All members of the establishment are expected to attend office from 10 am to 5 pm daily
b) Office hours shall be changed to suit the convenience of individual officers
c) Superintendent must set an example to others by themselves attending office punctually
d) None of the above
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A —————– fly leaf is added to the current file at the beginning.
a) Yellow
b) Red
c) Brown
d) Blue
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Which register is to be checked by the fair copy superintendent daily?
a) Attendance register
b) Despatch-cum account register
c) Fair copy register
d) Index register
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After signing of the paper to whom it is handed over
a) Section superintendent
b) Section clerk
c) Despatch clerk
d) Gazetted officer
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