Departmental Tests

MOP – Test 1

Papers received as Tappal excepting those of ephemeral character are numbered by the Tappal clerk in the

Which of the following disposals means ‘Do not register but lodge in original’?
a) NN
b) KN
c) XL
d) XN
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According to the rules for correspondence which officer can address govt. directs:
a) Regional officer
b) District officer
c) Heads of Departments
d) Tahsildar
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Before sending the final disposal to the fair copy section who is expected to verify that no further action to be taken
a) Clerk
b) Head clerk
c) Superintendent
d) U.D. Clerk
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Why each clerk to maintain the index disposal file?
a) to send to head of office
b) to refer afterwards
c) to show the superintendent
d) to show the public
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Papers received as Tappal excepting those of ephemeral character are numbered by the Tappal clerk in the:
a) Local delivery book
b) Personal register
c) Distribution register
d) Register of valuables
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All the members of the establishment are expected to attend office from:
a) 10 AM – 5 PM
b) 10 AM – 4 PM
c) 9 AM – 4 PM
d) 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM
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One index slip is kept by the clerk
a) For reference to record keeper
b) For reference of the clerk
c) For reference of the Superintendent
d) For reference of the fair copy section
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The corrections and interlineactions should be avoided in:
a) Comparing
b) Despatching
c) Fair copying
d) In draft
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The following are the features of “linking of files”. Select the one which is wrong
a) When it is necessary to refer any one file to a paper in another file the two files will be linked
b) The file putup for reference will be put under the other file and string of the lower file will be tied round the upper file
c) Files are linked merely because they deal with similar cases
d) None of the above
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When the peons to come in the office?
a) forty five minutes earlier
b) one hour earlier
c) fifteen minutes earlier
d) half an hour earlier
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Why draft can be put up with note
a) In complicated case
b) In difficult case
c) In simple case
d) In unknown case
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Whenever a file or book taken from record section has to be retained for more than three months then
a) Sanction from head of the office is to be obtained
b) The fact is to be intimated to the Superintendent of the section
c) A new requisition slip should be taken by the subject clerk
d) None of the above
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XNDis means
a) Communication to be registered but rturn in original
b) Communication not to be registered and return in original with report
c) Communication do not register but lodge
d) None of the above
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A member of the office establishment shall not leave the office premises during working hours without the previous permission of the
a) Section Supt.
b) Office Supt.
c) Head of office
d) Manager
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On receipt of the arrear lists which of the following officials should compare them with the pendency as per the distribution register?
a) Office Supt.
b) Section Supt.
c) Subject clerk
d) Fair copy Supt.
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The process of attaching to the top of papers putup for reference in a case, slips printed with letters of the alphabet or Arabic or Roman numerals is:
a) Indexing
b) Noting
c) Referencing
d) Flagging
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Grace time allowed to an employee to mark his attendance in the concerned section attendance register
a) Five minutes
b) Ten minutes
c) Fifteen minutes
d) Thirty minutes
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Put up for reference will be placed, when two files will be linked
a) Above
b) Below
c) Side
d) Front
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Papers of ephemeral character
a) Papers wrongly addressed
b) Papers which are to be filed
c) Periodical statements
d) None of these
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Copies of preceedings on disciplinary cases should be signed by the:
a) Head ministerial officer
b) Section Supt.
c) Head of the office
d) Office Supt.
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Inside of which the name of the department, office and date of disposal to be shown
a) File
b) Office copy
c) Note
d) Inside the brown paper jacket
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All papers marked for “issue” are ordinarily expected to be issued within
a) 24 hours
b) 48 hours
c) 5 days
d) 2 days
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Who among the following officials will be held responsible for any paper found pending in his section without sufficient grounds, for more than five days?
a) The Section Supt.
b) The Office Supt.
c) Tappal Clerk
d) Subject clerk
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Which of the following forms of correspondance is used when a copy of a paper is sent to a subordinate officer for remarks?
a) Endorsement
b) Proceedings
c) Memorandum
d) Letter
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How many late attendance will forefiet one casual leave?
a) One day
b) Two days
c) Three days
d) Four days
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