Departmental Tests

KTC – Test 7

Changed rate and pay of allowances, leave salary should be drawn by a Gazetted Govt. servant

The Personal Deposit Account of Treasurer of charitable Endowments is operated by
a) Finance secretary
b) Registration Department Head
c) Director of Local Fund Audit
d) Director of Public Instructions
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The treasury bill book is in Form
a) TR 74
b) TR 75
c) Is in Form 76
d) Is in Form TR 77
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A register in TA 19 is maintained to record
a) Transfer of funds from one treasury to another
b) Telegraphic transfer and draft encashed
c) Cental and state transactions by transfer
d) Inter state transfer of funds
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Changed rate and pay of allowances, leave salary should be drawn by a Gazetted Govt. servant
a) By attaching copy of order that leads to change in the rate
b) Under taking from the officer about the changes in the rate and leave availed by him
c) Claim should be accompanied by the letter from Accountant General
d) Government order permitting to claim changed rate should be attached to the bill
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When an erroneous classification is discovered after the despatch of a treasury account an alteration memorandum?
a) should be submitted to Accountant General in Form TA VIII
b) should be submitted to Treasury Director in Form IX
c) should be submitted to Finance Secretary in Form X
d) should be submitted to Accountant General in Form XI
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When an information from accountant General about an incorrect withdrawal is received, the treasury officer should
a) Recover the amount without delay
b) Get explanation from the drawing officer
c) Direct the Head of office to recover the amount
d) Give the reason for such a payment to the Accountant General
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Deposit repayment vouchers paid are to be
a) Not sent to the Accountant General
b) Sent on the 18th and the last day of each month
c) Sent once in three months
d) Despatched along with the second list of payments
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The different classes of receipts which are exempted from stamp duty is furnished in
a) Appendix 8
b) Appendix 25
c) Appendix 24
d) Appendix 27
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The Annual life certificate of a pensioner who does not appear in pension for the claim
a) Shall be produced in the month of December
b) Shall be produced in the month of March
c) Shall be produced in the month of April
d) Shall be produced in the month of January
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Daily reference register is maintained by the Treasury Officer
a) to issue intimation to service pensioners for mustering
b) to issue intimation to family pensioners for mustering
c) to issue intimation to depositors of fixed deposits
d) to issue intimation to depositors of security deposit
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When a Civil Court deposit is to be repaid, the treasury officer should get
a) The order of the Civil Court
b) The pension acknowledge the receipt on the reverse of the order
c) The order of the Accountant General
d) Both (A) and (B) above
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A pension shall cease to be payable if remains unpaid for more than
a) one year
b) 6 months
c) 9 months
d) 3 months
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Money received from on or behalf of Departmental Officers who render special cash accounts to the Audit
a) Should be recorded in a Register in Form TA 9
b) Should be recorded in a Register in Form TA 10
c) Should be recorded in a Register in Form TA 11
d) Should be recorded in a Register in Form TA 12
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The plus and minus memo at the end of every month under Saving Bank is prepared by
a) Sub Treasury
b) District Treasury
c) Director of Treasuries
d) Accountant General
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The treasurer of charitable endowments Trivandrum is permitted to effect intra-state remittance on behalf of charitable Endowments by
a) Bankers cheque
b) Draft at par
c) Pay order cheques
d) None of the above
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The treasury director being the head of department is responsible to
a) The Accountant General for proper functioning of Treasuries in the State
b) The State Government for proper functioning of the Treasuries in the State
c) The Comptroller and Auditor General for the proper functioning of Treasuries
d) The Advocate General for proper functioning
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The rules regulating transactions under Treasury Savings Bank came into force with effect from
a) 1st January 1972
b) 1st March 1971
c) 1st February 1973
d) 30th January 1972
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Register of duplicate keys and pad lock of a treasury can be destroyed
a) after 10 years
b) after 15 years
c) after 20 years
d) shall not be destroyed
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Travelling allowance bill of non-gazetted establishment are prepared in Form
a) TR 56
b) TR 58
c) TR 60
d) TR 62
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The register of disbursing officers are maintained in form
a) TR 111
b) TR 110
c) TR 112
d) TR 113
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When a Civil Court deposit is to be refunded the Bank should require
a) Acknowledgement receipt of the amount on the reserve of the court order
b) Relevant Court order of the refund
c) Sanction order of the Head of Department
d) Sanction order of the Accountant General
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Every payment for credit to Government shall be accompanied by
a) Memorandum or chalan containing all particulars
b) Copy of preceedings received for such payment
c) A detailed survey report
d) A statement of amount due to Government
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A pension, which is terminable on marriage or attaining majority shall furnish a declaration
a) In form TR 81 A
b) In form TR 80 A
c) In form TR 79 A
d) In form TR 78 A
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Leave salary of a non gazetted officer holding permanent post in are office and officiating post in another office may be drawn
a) From the office where holding permanent post
b) From the office where he is officiating
c) From the treasury directly
d) From two offices at equal share
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The nomination in respect of a deposit may be made by a depositor in accordance with the provisions of
a) Savings Bank Act 1873
b) Savings Bank Act 1884
c) Savings Bank Act 1869
d) Savings Bank Act 1860
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