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KTC – Test 6

The actual stock of cash, opium, ganga stamps and security kept under joint lock and key are

Surplus or deficit amount found in a treasury account
a) Shoud not be brought into account in the day book
b) Should be brought into account in the day book
c) Kept in abeyance till the direction received from the Director of Treasuries
d) Should be brought into account on receipt of direction from the Accountant General
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When a treasury received a payment in cheque a preliminary receipt may be given in
a) Form TR 6
b) Form TR 7
c) Form TR 8
d) Form TR 9
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The actual stock of cash, opium, ganga stamps and security kept under joint lock and key are
a) Annually verified by the officers of Accountant General
b) Quarterly verified by the officers of Accountant General
c) Quarterly verified by the Treasury Director
d) Annually verified by the Treasury Director
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Recoveries ordered by Co-operative societies registered under Co-operative Act
a) Should be made as it is obligatory to the drawing officer
b) Should not be made as it is not by Court order
c) Should only inform the affected officer to remit the amount
d) Should take up for recovery after getting reminders for recovery
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A bill passed for payment at the bank
a) Should be accompanied with the bill book
b) Need not be accompanied with sanction order
c) Should be accompanied with sanction order
d) Need be accompanied with (A) (C) above
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The plus and minus memoranda in respect of stamps and opium transactions need be
a) accompanied by a certificate of stock
b) accompanied by vouchers
c) accompanied by cash receipts of sales
d) accompanied by a certificate of actual weighment of stock
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A letter of credit issued under any special order of Government shall specify
a) The maximum amount at credit of the drawing office
b) The maximum amount the officer shall have authority to draw on a particular treasury
c) The maximum amount the officer is eligible for transaction
d) The maximum amount to be kept in the PD account
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Daily account rendered by a Bank incorrectly is correctly classified and entered by the treasury officer in a register called
a) Register of transactions incorrectly accounted
b) Register of wrong entries
c) Register of misclassification by Bank
d) Register of difference accounted
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A treasury officer should attach of certificate of actual examination and count of stamps in stock along with plus and minus memoranda for
a) January and June
b) September and March
c) July and October
d) April and August
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The disbursement of political pension ceases if it is not drawn
a) for 1 year
b) for 3 years
c) for 5 years
d) for 6 years
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The period of Reservation of pension payment order Register in Treasuries is
a) 20 years
b) 30 years
c) 15 years
d) should not be destroyed
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The cash book of a treasury is maintained by the following
a) Treasury officer and the treasurer
b) Head accountant and the treasurer
c) Assistant Treasury Officer of Head Accountant
d) Treasury Officer and the Assistant Treasury Officer
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Anticipatory pension order is issued by the
a) Accountant General
b) Head of Department
c) Director of Treasuries
d) Treasury Officer
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Cheque book obtained from a particular treasury unless other wise ordered shall be
a) used in various treasuries in the District
b) used in all treasuries in the State
c) used in the treasury from where cheques issued
d) used in all the treasuries in the Taluk
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When government dues have to be paid by fixed date, and payment made by cheque
a) The cheques has to be received before the fixed date
b) The cheques to be received on the due date
c) The cheques to be received in the month
d) The cheques has to be received in the financial year
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The Accountant General in the exercise of any of his functions under Treasuries Rules shall be subject to
a) General Control of CD AG
b) General Control of Central Finance Department
c) General Control of State Finance Department
d) General Control of Reserve Bank of India
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Any defaulcation or loss of money, opium and other property is discovered, the Treasury officer shall send preliminary report
a) to the police authorities
b) to the Director of treasuries, Accountant General and the Government
c) to the controller and Auditor General of India
d) to the Advocate General of Kerala
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The cash account and list of payments in a treausry should be prepared in
a) Forms TA 27 d 28
b) Forms TA 28 d 29
c) Forms TA 25 d 26
d) Forms TA 24 d 23
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When there exists permanent establishment, temporary establishment and establishment for whom service books are not maintained in an office
a) Pay and allowances are drawn in separate bills
b) Claim of permanent establishment and temporary establishment are drawn in two parts and for third category in separate bill
c) Claim for the three groups are preferred in a single bill in three parts
d) Claim for temporary establishment and third category are claimed together
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The list of Banking and Non Banking Treasuries in the State of Kerala is furnished in
a) Appendix 24
b) Appendix 8
c) Appendix 5
d) Appendix 2
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Receipts and disbursement in a state treasury as behalf of other State Government should be posted in
a) Form TA 1 d Form TA 2
b) Form TA 3 d Form TA 4
c) Form TA 5 d Form TA 6
d) Form TA 7 d Form TA 8
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A bill or document becomes a voucher
a) When it is accepted and voucher numbered
b) When the bill is passed for payment
c) When the bill is receipted and stamped paid
d) When the bill is forwarded to Accontant General
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For avoiding stealing of vouchers for the sake of stamps, the Treasury Officer should see
a) That the vouchers are kept in safe custody
b) That the stamps in the vouchers are defaced
c) That the stamps are detached from the voucher
d) That no stamps are affixed in the voucher
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The disbursement of last pay of officers who are not governed by KSR's and of reemployed pensioners shall be made
a) Only after receiving payment order from Government
b) Only after getting non liability certificates
c) Only after getting the claim specially verified by the Accountant General
d) Only after receiving verification certificate from the employer
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Non bank treasuries should forward to the Accountant General a statement in TA 34 regarding central transactions
a) At the end of each month
b) On 8th, 16th, 24th and last day of each month
c) On 15th, 23rd and 30th of each month
d) On 7th, 13th, 20th and last day of each month
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