Departmental Tests

KTC – Test 5

List of payments supported with vouchers should be sent by the treasury officer

The value of an imperfect note of a denomination of one hundred rupees or less may be paid if
a) the matter including the number or numbers has not become totally undecipherable
b) The prescribed officer is satisfied having regard to the printed matter which is decipherable in the note is genuine
c) either (A) or (B) above is satisfied
d) both (A) and (B) are satisfied
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A disputable claim shall be honoured by the treasury officer only after getting clearance
a) From the claimant
b) From the Department head
c) From the accountant General
d) From the Government
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List of payments supported with vouchers should be sent by the treasury officer
a) to the Finance Department
b) to the Treasury Director
c) to the Accountant General
d) to the Government
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The annual review report of the Accountant General on the working of treasuries
a) Will be submitted to CPAG
b) Submitted to the Central Government
c) Submitted to the State Government
d) Submitted to the Advocate General
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The un utilised amounts under letters of credit from month to month as well as quarter to quarter
a) should be surrendered to concerned head of department
b) should be carried over to subsequent months
c) should be surrendered to Finance Department
d) should be treated as lapsed in the concerned Financial year
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When contingent bills are presented for payment, the drawing officer shall
a) cancel the vouchers
b) sent the vouchers to Accountant General
c) sent the vouchers to Treasury Director
d) sent the vouchers to Treasury Officer
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An officer drawing bills from more than are treasury for his office
a) shall use one bill book as all claims recate to a single office
b) shall use separate bill books as claims are from different treasuries
c) shall use different bill books for different claims
d) shall obtain special sanction for using single book
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Every officer receiving money on behalf of Government should maintain a cash book in
a) Form TR 5 A
b) Form TR 6 A
c) Form TR 7 A
d) Form TR 8 A
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TA bills of self drawing officers are in normal course
a) Need be entered in Treasury Bill book
b) Need be submitted alond with establishment bills
c) Need not be entered in the Treasury Bill book
d) Need not be counter signed by superiors
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Bills for drawing money from treasury on account of refund of revenue shall be prepared in
a) Form TR 65
b) Form TR 66
c) Form TR 67
d) Form TR 68
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Punctuality in submission of cash balance report should be watched by
a) Treasury Director
b) Treasury Officer
c) Finance Secretary
d) Accountant General
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The salary of police guards placed at the disposal of private parties
a) Should be given by the private party after one month of duty
b) Should be recovered from the private party in advance
c) Should be given from state fund and re-imbursed from the private party
d) Should be met by the Home Department
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All charges incurred in connection with remittances of coined notes to and from treasuries are borne by the
a) Finance Department
b) Accountant General
c) Treasury Director
d) Reserve Bank
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Negotiable instruments act came into force in the year
a) 1892
b) 1881
c) 1859
d) 1885
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The Banking regulation Act was passed in the year
a) 1940
b) 1950
c) 1955
d) 1949
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The treasury officer should verify the presence of all sealed chests and packets in safe custody in the treasury
a) Periodically at intervals not exceeding 12 months
b) Periodically at intervals not exceeding 6 months
c) Periodically at intervals not exceeding 13 months
d) Periodically at intervals not exceeding 9 months
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Register of power of Attorney and succession certificate etc are maintained in savings bank
a) in form 27
b) TR 17
c) in form 24
d) TR 14
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The lost of objects that may arise in the course of pre audit of bills of other claims listed in
a) Appendix 3
b) Appendix 8
c) Appendix 27
d) Appendix 26
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When a payment is disallowed by the Accountant General the amount should be
a) Recovered by the Head of Department
b) Recovered by the Treasury Officer
c) Refunded by the drawing officer
d) Adjusted in future claims
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Who will issue the pension payment order
a) Treasury Officer
b) Director of Treasuries
c) Accountant General
d) None of these
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The monthly accounts of each non banking should be closed
a) on the 1st working day of each month
b) on the last working day of each month
c) on the 15th working day of each month
d) on the 7th working day of each month
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When an earnest money deposit made by intending tenderness in another state has to be repaid, the payment should be arranged through
a) Accountant General
b) Finance Secretary
c) Treasury Director
d) Public Works Department
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Bank treasury as per the Account Code means
a) Bank have a treasury conducting cash business
b) Cash business is conducted through a treasury for a bank
c) Cash business is conducted by a bank for Government
d) A treasury, the cash business of which is conducted by the bank
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Accounts of which no transactions taken place for five complete years will be transferred to
a) Periodic Deposit
b) Personal Deposit
c) Revenue Deposit
d) None of the above
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The Director of Treasuries shall verify the cash balance in each district treasury at least once
a) in a year
b) in three months
c) in six months
d) in nine months
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