Departmental Tests

KTC – Test 3

The contingent bill which requires counter signature should be prepared in form

The Treasury Officer shall make sure that he will be in a position to satisfy ………………… that the claim made in every bill that he pays in valid
a) Director of Treasuries
b) Accountant General
c) Secretary to Finance
d) None of these
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Safe custody register is to be maintained in treasuries in form:
a) TR 7A
b) TR 56
c) TR 28
d) TR 13
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A bill claiming house building advance shall be preferred in form
a) TR 56
b) TR 51
c) TR 46
d) TR 42
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A Treasury Officer is competent to correct any arithmetical in accuracy or obivious mistakes in a bill presented to him as per rule
a) 174 (3) KTC Vol I
b) 146 KTC Vol I
c) 184 KTC Vol I
d) 210.2 (d) KTC Vol I
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A statement of lapsed cash orders has to be prepared
a) Monthly
b) Bimonthly
c) Quarterly
d) Yearly
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Anticipatory pension order is issued by the
a) Accountant General
b) Head of Department
c) Director of Treasuries
d) Treasury Officer
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The contingent bill which requires counter signature should be prepared in form
a) TR 59
b) TR 61
c) TR 56
d) TR 47
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Who is competent to issue a non availability of Govt. Buildings to departments having separate engineering units?
a) Executive Engineer of their own engineering unit
b) Superintending Engineer of their own engineering unit
c) Chief Engineer of their own engineering unit
d) Executive Engineer of P.W.D (Buildings)
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The treasurer or Nottams working in the District Treasury are responsible for handling the money entrusted to them by the
a) District Treasury Officer
b) Chief Treasurer
c) Assistant District Treasury Officer
d) None of these
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The departmental officer should arrange repayment of EMD made by all intending tenderer of another state through the
a) Accountant General
b) Director of Treasuries
c) Head of Department
d) None of these
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Bills claiming refunds of revenue should be made in TR 65 as required in Rule
a) 200 KTC Vol I
b) 241 KTC Vol I
c) 275 KTC Vol I
d) 301 KTC Vol I
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Which is the rule authorising a treasury officer to return a bill bearing an erasure, requiring to present a fresh one?
a) Rule 83 KTC Vol I
b) Rule 210 (c) KTC Vol I
c) Rule 110 KTC Vol I
d) None of these
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Separate schedule of recoveries in TR 106 should be attached in respect of each interest bearing advances as required in
a) Rule 163(1) KTC Vol. I
b) Rule 174 KTC Vol. I
c) Rule 212 KTC Vol. I
d) Rule 215 KTC Vol. I
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The EMD made by intending tenders of the Forest Department should be credited as
a) State Revenue
b) Central Revenue
c) Revenue Deposits
d) None of these
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As per rule 163 (C) KTC Vol I, the spaces left blank either in the money column or in the column for particulars of the bill should invariably covered by
a) oblique lines
b) ( )
c) { }
d) none of these
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One among the following is an example of moneys received in Civil Courts that can be directly ………………… appropriated for departmental expenditure
a) CCD
b) Cr CD
c) Commissioner's fees
d) Fines
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When a bill or other document is paid wholly by transfer
a) The payment is to be recorded in the treasury accounts as paid
b) The payments is to be noted as transferred
c) Should be recorded as payment by transfer and transfer credit to the concerned head of account
d) None of these
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The Register of deposits is maintained in:
a) TR 5
b) TR 42
c) TR 13
d) TR 51
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Who is personally responsible for the correct maintenance and safe preservation of Treasury bill book?
a) Treasury Officer
b) Director Treasuries
c) Drawing Officer
d) Accountant General
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………………… shall be responsible for any shortage discovered at the mint or at a small coin depot in a remittance from treasury
a) Reserve Bank
b) Drawing Officer
c) Remitting Treasury
d) None of these
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A currency chest book should be retained for ……………… complete financial years after it ceases to be in use
a) 3
b) 5
c) 10
d) 20
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Each District Treasury will be inspected by an officer of Indian Audit Department
a) Once in a month
b) Once in three months
c) Periodically
d) Annually
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Govt. accounts consists of
a) Consolidated fund account only
b) Contingency fund account only
c) Public account only
d) Total of the above three
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Every officer receiving money on behalf of Govt. should maintain a cash book in form
a) TR 7 A
b) TR 74
c) TR 91
d) None of these
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Register of bills received for pre-audit before payment has to be maintained in
a) TR 12
b) TR 7 A
c) TR 74
d) TR 76
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