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KSR – Test 9

Half pay leave granted in advance when there is no other leave with allowances at the credit of an officer is called

Which among the following is the amount payable to a Government official under suspension?
a) Special Leave Allowance
b) Compassionate Allowance
c) Compensatory Allowance
d) Subsistence Allowance
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What is the date on which a High School Assistant who entered service on 1.6.2008 and completed probation on 5.7.2010 will get his third increment ?
a) 1.7.2011
b) 5.7.2011
c) 6.7.2011
d) 1.6.2011
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The allowance which is not treated as travelling allowance is
a) Conveyance allowance
b) Compassionate allowance
c) Mileage allowance
d) Acutal travelling expenses
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If an officer avails any leave without allowances, while in Foreign service, the rate of leave salary contribution will be:
a) 10% of the maximum of the scale of pay of the post to which deputation is sanctioned
b) 50% of the normal rate
c) 10% of the maximum of the scale of pay of the post from which deputation is sanctioned
d) Not necessary, as the officer is on LWA
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Half pay leave granted in advance when there is no other leave with allowances at the credit of an officer is called
a) Leave Not Due
b) Half Pay Leave
c) Earned Leave
d) Leave Without Allowances
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A probationer whose probation is two years and increment is annual entered into service on 1/1/2008 and completed his probation on 25/1/2010. The officer is entitled to draw the first increment on
a) 40203
b) 39814
c) 40179
d) 40210
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An Agricultural Assistant in Agriculture Dept. died in an accident. He got a total service of 12 years. The amount of eligible DCRG is :
a) 15 times the emoluments
b) 12 times the emoluments
c) 6 times the emoluments
d) None of the above
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An officer transferred to a place 550km away from head quarters will get a minimum journey time of
a) 2 days
b) 3 days
c) 4 days
d) 1 day
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Maximum no. of days of leave that can be granted to a female officer for hysterectomy is :
a) 90
b) 42
c) 45
d) 180
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What is the number of days of half pay leave on the credit of a Blue Printer in Irrigation Dept. on 28.2.2008 AN, if he entered Govt. Service on 1.3.1991 FN and availed no leave during his entire service except commuted leave from 1.1.2008 to 28.2.2008
a) 202
b) 222
c) 281
d) 261
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Pension ceases to be payable, if undrawn for a period of more than
a) 10 years
b) 7 years
c) 1 year
d) 3 years
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The daily allowance entitlement of an officer while on tour provided with free boarding only is
a) 1 DA
b) 2/3 DA
c) 1/2 DA
d) 1/4 DA
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New recruits in Govt. service shall produce a form for Service Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala in Form No.15
a) Within one month after joining duty
b) Before joining duty
c) At the time of joining duty
d) Before getting the salary for the month of joining duty
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An officer who performs journeys by a Departmental vehicle returned to Headquarters on the same day and halt was for 5 hours at the outstation. The eligibility of daily allowance is
a) one DA for onward journey and one DA for return journey
b) halt DA for the journey
c) one DA for the journey
d) no DA only incidental expenses limited to a minimum of 1/2 DA
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An Assistant Gr.II in Legislative Secretariate entered service as 1.7.1978. He could not complete his probation till the end of December 1980. He availed leave without allowances for 5 years from 1.1.1981 for taking up employment abroad and returned to Govt. Service on 1.1.1986. He retired from service on 30.4.2012 as Deputy Secretary. His qualifying service for pension is:
a) 28 years
b) 26 years
c) 29 years
d) 34 years
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Recovery of excess payments made to an officer by mistake within a period of four years before his retirement and which are detected within a period of four years after retirement may be made from his pension and other amounts due to him after retirement shall not exceed of the monthly pension admissible to him :
a) 5 percent
b) 10 percent
c) 15 percent
d) None of the above
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An auditor in the local fund department drawing pay above the minimum of the scale is appointed to the post of assistant in Public Service Commission in an identical scale of pay in inter departmental transfer basis. His pay will be fixed at
a) minimum of the scale of pay
b) at a higher stage
c) at the same stage
d) at a lower stage
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The Women employees are eligible to get a child adoption leave for a maximum period of ………. days wef 31/8/2007 with certain conditions
a) 135 days
b) 120 days
c) 180 days
d) 100 days
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An LD Typist entered Govt. Service on 15.7.2011. He will get his first increment on :
a) 16.7.2012
b) 1.7.2012
c) 15.7.2012
d) 1.8.2012
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An officer is transferred from Ernakulam to Kannur. After 8 months his wife, another Government servant is also transferred from Ernakulam to Kannur. Is she entitled to receive a trasfer TA?
a) Transfer TA is admissible to her, since she is performing the journey to the same station after 6 months of transfer of her husband
b) Transfer T.A is not admissible to her, if her husband has taken all children when he was transferred
c) Transfer T.A is not admissible to her, since she is being transferred to the same station as her husband within an years's time
d) Transfer T.A is admissible to her, if her husband has not claimed T.A for her
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Extraordinary Pension is
a) Pension awarded when an officer sustains injury or contracts disease or dies in the execution of the duties held by him
b) Sanctioned to officers having more than 33 years of service
c) Sanctioned to officers who have less than 10 years of service
d) Sanctioned in consideration of meritorious service
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Part I and Part II of KSR came into force with effect from ……….
a) 1.11.1956
b) 1.11.1959
c) 1.11.1990
d) None of these
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An LD Clerk entered Govt. service on 1.3.2009. He has not taken any leave till 1.3.2012. The number of days of earned leave at his credit on 2.3.2012 FN is
a) 83
b) 99
c) 82
d) None of the above
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Fix up the Qualifying service (Date of birth- 30/5/1957, Entry into service- 1/7/1977, Age of superannuation- 56 years, Voluntary Retirement- 27/7/2005)
a) 33 years
b) 35 years & 11 months
c) 28 years
d) 29 years
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A Block Development Officer working at Kannur was transferred to Kottayam. Being a native of Kollam, he proposed to shift his family to Kollam. The eligibility for transfer TA is
a) The BDO will get TA from Kannur to Kollam and his family from Kannur to Kollam, but limited to that admissible upto Kottayam
b) The BDO and family will get TA from Kannur to Kollam and the BDO will get further TA from Kollam to Kottayam
c) The BDO and family will get TA from Kannur to Kollam
d) The BDO will get TA from Kannur to Kottayam and family will get TA from Kannur to Kollam
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