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KSR – Test 8

Which of the following kinds of leave are debited to half pay leave account?

A Lower division clerk who joined service on 11/7/2006 was on probation for a period of 2 years. His first increment was sanctioned on 1/7/2007. When will his second increment become due if his probation is declared wef 11/7/2007 FN?
a) 39264
b) 39274
c) 39295
d) None of the above
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When scale of pay of both the lower and higher post are revised re-fixation of pay is admissible when
a) option exercised in both the posts simultaneously
b) option exercised in lower post only
c) option exercised in higher post only
d) option exercised in both posts separately
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Maximum period of LWA that can be granted to a govt. employee for taking up employment abroad or within India during his entire service is :
a) 5 years
b) 10 years
c) 15 years
d) 20 years
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A teacher was posted on vacation duty from 15-4-2012 to 5-5-2012. If his total vacation days is 60 days, calculate his earned leave due to him
a) 11
b) 10
c) 10.5
d) 12
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A period of 4 months from October 31st 2011 ends on :
a) 29.2.2012
b) 28.2.2012
c) 1.3.2012
d) 2.3.2012
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If an officer dies while in service, member of his family will be granted TA for the journey to these home or any other place as for a journey on — — —
a) Transfer
b) Tour
c) No TA
d) None of these
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Which of the following kinds of leave are debited to half pay leave account?
a) Study leave
b) Special leave
c) Leave not due
d) Earned leave
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An Assistant Engineer, PWD working on Thrissur was placed under suspension. He is permitted to reside at Ernakulam during the period of suspension. He is required to attend a departmental enquiry at Trivandrum. His eligibility for travelling allowance is :
a) Tour TA from Thrissur to Trivandrum and back
b) Actual train fare from Thrissur to Trivandrum and Back
c) Actual train fare from Ernakulam to Trivandrum and back
d) Tour TA from Ernakulam to Trivandrum and back
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The leave salary admissible to an officer in Fire Force who was on Hospital leave for 5 months will be at the rate of
a) Leave salary admissible for HPL for the entire period
b) Leave salary admissible for Earned leave for the entire period
c) Earned leave salary for first 4 months and the remaining as of HPL
d) No leave salary is admissible
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The compensatory allowance admissible during earned leave is
a) non-practising allowance
b) conveyance allowance to physically handicapped
c) charge allowance
d) special pay to drivers
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Duration of an examination which is obligatory to an officer is treated as :
a) duty
b) leave
c) dies-non
d) unauthorized absence
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If the death of an officer takes place in the I st year of his service, the minimum DCRG payable to the family will be
a) 5 times of emoluments
b) 6 times of emoluments
c) 2 months of emoluments
d) 12 times of emoluments
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Which among the following cannot be commuted retrospectively into a different kind of leave?
a) Earned Leave
b) Leave without allowance
c) Half pay leave
d) Commuted leave
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A Lady Village Extension Officer applied for maternity leave from 4.9.2011. What is the date on which she has to report for duty on expiry of leave ?
a) 4.3.2012
b) 2.3.2012
c) 16.1.2012
d) 17.1.2012
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An officer transferred from Trivandrum to Kalpatta on public interest was relieved on 4/6/2012 AN. On which date he should join duty at the next station? (Distance 420 by rail, 87km by road, 9/6/2012 second Saturday, 10/6/2012 Sunday)
a) 15/6/2012 FN
b) 14/6/2012 FN
c) 13/6/2012 FN
d) 12/6/2012 FN
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Two time scales can be said to be identical if:
a) The minimum and maximum of the time scales are same
b) The peiod of increment is same
c) The rate of increment is same
d) All the above
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In the case of an officer whose year of birth is known but the exact month and date of birth is not known, the date of birth is taken as
a) 1 st January
b) 1 st April
c) 1 st June
d) 1 st July
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Re employed pensioners who retired after 6.6.2000 are eligible for :
a) Basic pay last drawn (excluding basic pension) and allowances for the full amount of basic pay in addition to basic pension(excluding dearness relief)
b) Basic pay and allowances at the time of retirement in addition to basic pension (excluding dearness releif)
c) Basic pension and allowances in addition to basic pension and DR
d) Basic pay and allowances in full, but no pension and DR
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In the case of transfers involving change of residence, Joining time under Rule 127 is admissible. In such cases, time for preparation is:
a) 3 days
b) 6 days
c) 7 days
d) 9 days
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An Assistant Engineer working in a mind Govt. Dept. was discharged from service due to abolition of the post. He is eligible for
a) Retiring Pension
b) Provisional Pension
c) Anticipatory Pension
d) Compensation Pension
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The minimum service required for the payment of death cum retirement gratuity is
a) 1 year
b) 5 years
c) 10 years
d) 20 years
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An officer may not be transferred substantively or appointed to officiate in a post carrying less pay than the post in which he holds a lien
a) on account of inefficiency
b) on his written request
c) on account of misbehaviour
d) to fill a vacant post
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The maximum period of LWA for joining spouce under appendix XII C is limited to — — — during the entire service
a) 10 years
b) 20 years
c) 5 years
d) None of these
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A govt. employee can apply for voluntary retirement only if he completes a qualifying service of :
a) 30 years
b) 15 years
c) 25 years
d) 20 years
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Dies – non was re-introduced wef
a) 37296
b) 37266
c) 36901
d) 36900
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