Departmental Tests

KSR – Test 7

Which of the following deductions shall not be made from subsistence allowance?

For the purpose of calculating transfer TA, the term family does not include — — —
a) Wife
b) Mother
c) Children depended on the officer
d) None of these
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A Curator in Fisheries Dept. retired from service on 30.4.2012. If he applies for commutation of pension on 1.6.2013 and gets his sanctioned and paid in the same month, what will be date on which the commuted amount of pension will be restored to him ?
a) 1.7.2025
b) 1.7.2024
c) 1.5.2024
d) 1.5.2025
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All physically handicapped employees eligible to claim conveyance allowance are ligible for how many days of leave for treatment of illness connected with the physical handicap of the employee
a) 15 days
b) 12 days
c) 10 days
d) 5 days
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The period in which HPL will not accure is
a) Earned leave
b) Special casual leave
c) LWA under Appendix XII C
d) Maternity leave
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Which of the following deductions shall not be made from subsistence allowance?
a) Subscription to GPF
b) Income Tax
c) FBS
d) Premia to Postal Life Insurance
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If an officer officiating in a post is appointed to a higher a post on the advice of the Public Service Commission, then
a) His pay will be fixed as per rule 30 Part I KSR
b) His pay will be fixed as per rule 28A Part I KSR with the benefit of refixation
c) His pay will be fixed at the minimum of the newly appointed post
d) His pay will be fixed as per rule 28A Part I KSR without the benefit of refixation
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As per Rule 12(26) additional pay granted to an officer to save him from loss of substantive pay due to revision of pay is called
a) Special pay
b) Personal pay
c) Dearness pay
d) None of these
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Grant of Child Adoption Leave and conditions thereof are included in Part 1 KSR as Rule :
a) 101 A
b) 102 A
c) 103 A
d) 100 A
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A claim for TA falls due :
a) within two years from the date of travel
b) on the day following the day of journey
c) on the first day of the month following the month in which journey was performed
d) on the last day of the month of journey
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While computing transfer TA, distance is taken from — — —
a) Old head quarter to new office
b) Old residence to new office
c) Old residence to new residence
d) None of these
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If the period of suspension of 2 months of an employee during the last 10 months if qualifying service was treated as duty for all purpose but for payment of full pay and allowances, the average emoluments will be calculated by
a) taking the pay that would have been had he not been suspended
b) taking the pay actually drawn
c) considering the 10 month period after excluding the suspension period
d) taking 8 months pay only for average emoluments
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Which of the following period is not treated as duty for the purpose of probation
a) Earned Leave
b) Special Casual Leave
c) Maternity Leave
d) Casual Leave
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HPL granted in advance is called — — —
a) Commuted leave
b) Earned leave
c) Leave not due
d) None of these
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If an officer dies while under suspension and before completion of disciplinary proceedings against him, the period of suspension will be treated as :
a) duty
b) leave without allowances
c) leave with allowances
d) suspension
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Earned leave is not earned during ……..—
a) Holiday
b) Casual leave
c) Earned leave
d) None of these
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Which of the following service do not count for pension ?
a) dies non
b) foreign service where contribution is paid
c) boy service
d) suspension period when fully exonerated
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Mr. Rajesh, Senior Superintendent in Public works department received remuneration to value and examine Account Test Answer papers. It can be classified under the head ……..—
a) Honorarium
b) Fees
c) Special pay
d) Personal pay
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The maximum number of compensation leave that can be taken by a Government servant in a calendar year is limited to
a) 10 days
b) 20 days
c) 15 days
d) 7 days
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The leave earned by a female officer, while in service includes:
a) Commuted leave
b) Earned leave
c) Maternity leave
d) Child adoption leave
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Family pension at higher rate is applicable to
a) Death while in service
b) Death while in service or after retirement
c) Death after retirement
d) None of these
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The rules on Part I KSR came into force with effect from
a) 20760
b) 20455
c) 21864
d) 21855
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Government servants representing India in international events are allowed special casual leave of not exceeding
a) 90 days
b) 15 days
c) 30 days
d) 45 days
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Rate of accrual of half pay leave for each completed year of service to a permanent / non permanent officer is
a) 10 days
b) 15 days
c) 20 days
d) 30 days
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The maximum LND that can be granted during the entire service is — — —
a) 360 days
b) 180 days
c) 90 days
d) None of these
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A Deputy Tahsildar retired from service on 31.5.2012. He was on suspension from 1.6.2011 to 31.12.2011. and the period was treated as leave without allowances. For calculating the average emoluments for pension, the period to be considered is :
a) A continuous period of 10 months before 1.6.2011
b) The period from 1.1.2012 till retirement
c) The period from 1.1.2011 to 31.5.2011 and 1.1.2012 to 31.5.2012.
d) None of the above
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