Departmental Tests

KSR – Test 5

A teacher who completes superannuation age of 56 years on 20.6.2012 can continue in service upto

Permission from concerned secretary to government is required for a head of the department for accepting remuneration or reward
a) offered for the arrest of a criminal
b) paid for giving talks over the All India Radio
c) payable in accordance with the provision of any act or regulation or rules framed there after under
d) awarded for an essay in public competition
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An officer deputed to undergo a course of training may draw T.A, as on transfer if the course of training exceeds
a) 6 months
b) 3 months
c) 4 months
d) 5 months
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Who among the following is not eligible for compensatory off ?
a) Senior Assistant
b) Junior Assistant
c) Unit head
d) Special grade peon
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The leave which is treated as duty is
a) Hospital leave
b) Special disability leave
c) Casual leave
d) Maternity leave
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A teacher who completes superannuation age of 56 years on 20.6.2012 can continue in service upto:
a) 31.3.2013
b) 30.6.2012
c) 20.6.2012
d) 31.5.2012
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Higher rate of family pension is allowed for a maximum period of
a) 4 years
b) 3 years
c) 7 years
d) 5 years
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An Additional Secretary to Government , Finance Department was deputed as Managing Director, Kerala Financial Corporation without his willingness. Is his willingness necessary for his deputation?
a) All transfer to foreign service requires the willingness of the officer
b) If the post to which he is deputed carries a higher scale of pay, willingness is not required
c) Since Kerala Financial Corporation is an undertaking substantially owned and controlled by Government, willingness of the officer not required
d) If the officer is newly promoted to the cadre of Additional Secretary, willingness of the officer is not required
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An officer transferred from old station to new station travelled along with wife, two children and servant. The additional travelling allowance admissible to him is
a) two times the mileage allowance
b) three times the mileage allowance
c) four times the mileage allowance
d) five times the mileage allowance
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A Government Servant who while on tour is allowed free lodging only at the expense of the Governmental, Daily Allowance (DA) for him is
a) (2/3) of the D.A admissible to him
b) (3/4) of the D.A admissible to him
c) (1/4) of the D.A admissible to him
d) (1/2) of the D.A admissible to him
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Time scales are said to be identical if
a) minimum of the scale is identical
b) maximum of the scale is identical
c) rate of increment is same
d) minimum, maximum, period of increment and rate of increment are identical
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The eligibility of travelling allowance to an officer who is permitted on his own request to attend a conference in New Delhi and Government interest is served thereby is
a) single rail fare for the class of accomodation to which he is entitled
b) daily allowance for halt only and no rail fare
c) no travelling allowances
d) all eligibile travelling allowances
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Average emoluments for pension is
a) average of last 12 months emoluments
b) 50% of basic pay and DA last drawn
c) average of last 10 months emoluments
d) None of the above
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The suspension of lien of an officer on a permanent post is not permissible when
a) appointed to a permanent post outside the cadre in which he is borne
b) appointed provisionally to a post in which another officer would hold a lien not suspended
c) transferred to foreign service and there is reason to believe that he will ramain absent from the post for a period of three years or more
d) when an officer on transfer to a post outside his cadre is due to retire on superannuation pension within three years of his transfer
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Charge allowance for full additional charge of a higher post is admissible for a maximum period of :
a) 3 months
b) 4 months
c) 6 months
d) full period of addl. charge
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Mrs. Rekha, an employee in government undergoes MTP operation. She has two children. The special casual leave admisible shall not exceed �
a) 7 days
b) 6 days
c) 9 days
d) None of these
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From the subsistence allowance of a Govt. servant under suspension, deductions shall be made for the following
a) Subscription to general provident fund
b) Income tax
c) Amount due to court attachments
d) Recovery of loss for which he is responsible
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Half pay granted in advance to permanent employees provided there is no eligible at credit of the employee is known as ……..—
a) Commuted leave
b) Leave not due
c) Leave without allowance
d) None of these
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The period from 30th January 2012 to 2nd March 2012 will be treated as
a) 1 month and 4 days
b) 1 month and 3 days
c) 1 month and 2 days
d) None of the above
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Which of the following type of leave shall not be granted as preparatory to retirement?
a) Half pay leave
b) Leave not due
c) Commuted leave
d) Earned leave
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The period of overstayed of leave will be trated as ………… if it's due.
a) Casual leave
b) Earned leave
c) Half pay leave
d) None of these
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Leave for study purpose under Rule 91 A is granted to officers with a continuous service of ………… years or more
a) 2 year
b) 3 year
c) 5 year
d) None of these
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An Assistant in Secretariate attended office late by one hour on 30.12.2011, without previous permission. As he had already attended office late without previous permission on two previous days the only one casual leave left in his account was forfeited. He was again late by an hour on 31.12.2011. This absence can be regularised by
a) Applying for eligible leave on 31.12.2011
b) Recording the late attendance and forfeiting one casual leave after two more days of late attendance in 2012
c) Recording the late attendance and ignoring it
d) Taking disciplinary action
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Maximum half pay leave that can be accumulated at a time is :
a) 20
b) 300
c) 180
d) no limit
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An officer left headquarter at 'A' and reached 'B' (8km). Left B and reached C (4km). Left C and reached A (8km). The travelling admissible is
a) 1 DA
b) 1/2 DA
c) Bus fare
d) No TA admissible
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An officer on suspension is eligible for all compensatory allowances for a maximum period of
a) 120 days
b) 180 days
c) 90 days
d) 100 days
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