Departmental Tests

KSR – Test 15

Which among the following is a compulsory deduction from subsistence allowance ?

Which of the following type of leave is not counted for increment
a) Maternity leave
b) Leave not due
c) Casual leave
d) LWA for study purpose under Rule 91
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The third stagnation increment is — — —
a) Quarterly
b) Annual
c) Bi annual
d) None of these
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The extended period of service of teaching staff in Educational Institutions who completes the age of retirement during an academic year, beyond the date of retirement will count for:
a) Increment
b) Qualifying service for pension and DCRG
c) Pay and allowances
d) Calculation of earned leave and half pay leave
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Maximum period of child adoption leave is :
a) 180 days
b) 45 days
c) 30 days
d) 90 days
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For onward journey to be performed on the same day on which official business is to be transacted, the distance of the outstation from the headquarters shall be within
a) 50 kms
b) 60 kms
c) 40 kms
d) 32 kms
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Which among the following is a compulsory deduction from subsistence allowance ?
a) deduction towards income tax
b) recovery towards court attachment
c) deduction towards LIC
d) subscription towards GPF
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Twice the amount of commuted leave shall be debited in the leave account relating to HPL in the case of availing — — — leave
a) Leave not due
b) Casual leave
c) Special leave
d) Commuted leave
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A permanent Glass Blower in Chemical Examiners Laboratory who entered Govt. Service on 1.5.2000 was granted leave not due for 30 days from 1.4.2009. What is the number of days of half pay leave he had on 1.7.2011 ?
a) 30
b) 160
c) 60
d) Nil
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For granting special disability leave, the disability manifests itself within — — — months of the occurrence of disability.
a) 2 months
b) 4 months
c) 3 months
d) None of these
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The Qualifying service for full pension is
a) 20 years
b) 33 years
c) 10 years
d) 30 years
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The scheme of pension sanctioned to employees who retire from service on superannuation, but does not have the minimum qualifying service for pension is
a) Extra ordinary pension
b) Ex-gratia pension
c) Provisional pension
d) Temporary pension
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Actual travelling expenses include actual cost for
a) carriage of stores
b) employment of servants
c) carriage of conveyances
d) carriage of camp equipments
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The promotion given to an officer was found erroneous after 3 months and the order was cancelled. Later he was promoted to the same post. The earlier service of 3 months should be reckoned for
a) increment only
b) higher grade only
c) increment and higher grade
d) not reckoned for any purpose
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Joining time is the time allowed to an officer to enable him to join a new post to which he is appointed :
a) While the officer is on duty
b) On return from earned leave
c) Both (A) and (B)
d) None of the above
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A Sub Treasury Officer working in Mavelikkara applied for direct selection as Deputy Collector, and he was called for a written test by the PSC at a centre at Ernakulam. He requested to draw TA for his journey to Ernakulam and back to Mavelikkara. His request can be sanctioned only by
a) District Treasury Officer
b) Director of Treasuries
c) District Collector, Alappuzha
d) The Govt.
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If a deceased government servant has no surviving wife or children, the person eligible to get family pension is
a) dependent father
b) dependent parents (in equal share)
c) disabled divorced daughter (income limit is applicable)
d) widowed disabled daughter (income limit applicable)
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An LD Clerk who entered Govt. service on 1.1.2005 was thrown out of service for want of vacancy on 30.4.2005. He was reappointed against an arising vacancy on 1.6.2005. He will get his first increment on:
a) 1.1.2006
b) 1.2.2006
c) 1.6.2006
d) None of the above
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An officer on transfer has to travel 506 kms. by rail and 9 kms. by road. The journey time admissible to him is :
a) 1 day
b) 2 days
c) 3 days
d) 4 days
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An Assistant Commisioner of commercial taxes is requested by the PSC to be an examiner for valuation of answer Scripts of Departmental Tests. He can undertaken the work with the sanction of:
a) The Government
b) The commisioner for Commercial Taxes
c) The Dy. Commr. For Commercial Taxes under whom he is working
d) Without any sanction
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All permanent employees are earning Earned Leave at the rate of one day for every — — — days of duty
a) 30
b) 22
c) 11
d) None of these
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Retirement benefits of an officer having a qualifying service of 15 years
a) Pension and DCRG
b) Service gratuity and DCRG
c) Ex-gratia Pension and DCRG
d) None of the above
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Over time allowance is classified as
a) Fee
b) Honorarium
c) Special pay
d) Compensatory allowance
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The pay eligible for the period of joining time is — — —
a) Special pay
b) Transit pay
c) Personal pay
d) None of these
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A Grade I officer having a basic pay of Rs.33680, with HQ at Thrissur was an official duty at New Delhi from 11.6.2012 to 13.6.2012. he was directed by the Head of Dept. to stay at New Delhi on 14.6.2012 to attend to some additional office duties. He cancelled his air ticket for the return journey on 14.6.2012 and left New Delhi on 15.6.2012 in first class train, in the absence of availbility of Air ticket. The delayed departure makes him eligilble for
a) Cancellation charges of Air ticket and First class train fare
b) Cancellation charges and actual air fare for return journey, for which he is eligible
c) Actual air fare for return journey without cancellation charges
d) First class train fare without cancellation charges of Air ticket
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A joint Secretary who has more than 100 days each of earned leave and half pay leave at his credit, proposes to apply for leave from 1.7.2012 to 1.10.2012, for joining spouse abroad. He is eligible to apply for:
a) Earned Leave
b) Half Pay Leave
c) Commuted Leave
d) Leave without allowances
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