Departmental Tests

KSR – Test 1

The travelling allowance advance if allowed for the journey of an officer after retirement is restricted to

Maximum days of special casual leave that can be granted to a Government servant for attending selection trials of National teams for participating in International Championships
a) 15 days
b) 30 days
c) 45 days
d) 90 days
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Among the following, which kind of special pay is reckoned for the purpose of fixation of pay, on promotion to a higher post
a) Special Pay for work in addition to normal duties
b) Special Pay for higher qualification
c) Special Pay in lieu of higher time scale of pay
d) Special Pay for specifically arduous nature of work
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Service rendered till an employee has completed 18 years of service will qualify for the calculation of
a) Pension
b) Compensation pension
c) Invalid pension
d) Compensation gratuity
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The last grade employee availed leave without allowances fot six months, to treat his wife who was seriously injured in an accident. There was no eligible leave at his credit and he was in a financially difficult position. In such cases, the period of LWA can be counted for increments
a) By the Govt.
b) By the District Collector
c) The Head of Dept.
d) The Head of Office
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The pay granted to an officer in addition to the pay of an officer in consideration of factors like additional and or higher responsibilities, specially arduous nature of work etc, is called:
a) Personal pay
b) Special pay
c) Presumptive pay
d) Charge allowance
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The date of increment of a Bacteriologist in Health Service Dept. is 1.10.2011. He availed leave without allowaces other than on medical certificate for 30 days from 1.8.2012. What is the date on which he is eligible for the next increment ?
a) 1.10.2012
b) 31.10.2012
c) 1.11.2012
d) None of the above
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Non official members serving in first class committees constituted by Government may be allowed TA and DA at the rates admissible to
a) Grade I officers
b) Grade II (a) officers
c) Grade II (b) officers
d) Grade III officers
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The maximum period of leave not due otherwise than on medical certificate that may be granted to an officer during the entire service is
a) 90 days
b) 360 days
c) 180 days
d) unlimited
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The travelling allowance advance if allowed for the journey of an officer after retirement is restricted to
a) 75% of travelling allowance
b) 50% of travelling allowance
c) 25% of travelling allowance
d) 90% of travelling allowance
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The strength of a service or a part of service sanctioned as a separate unit is called ……..—
a) Lien
b) Cadre
c) Time scale
d) None of these
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Which among the following is a compulsory deduction from subsistence allowance ?
a) Recovery of loss to Government
b) Premium towards SLI
c) Income tax
d) None of these
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The period for which the Service Book of an employee who retired, should be ratained by the Head of Office in which he last worked is
a) 5 years
b) 25 years
c) 3 years
d) 15 years
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An officer whose headquarters is at Trivandrum died at Kozhikode while on tour. His family wanted to settle down at Chennai. Which among the following statement is true?
a) The family will be granted T.A for their journey to Chennai as journey on transfer
b) The family will not be granted any T.A since their journey is to a station outside the state
c) The family will not be granted any T.A for their journey to Chennai
d) The family will be granted T.A for their journey if performed within a month
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Terminal surrender of EL is not permissible in which of the following cases
a) Superannuation pension
b) Retiring pension
c) Invalid pension
d) Resignation
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If there are more than one son or daughter suffering from disorder or disability of mind, the family pension shall be paid
a) firstly to son
b) firstly to daughter
c) to all the disabled children on equal share
d) firstly to senior most child irrespective of sex
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The maximum number of stagnation increments w.e.f. 1/2/2011 is
a) 3
b) 5
c) 4
d) 2
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Which among the following should not be deducted from subsistence allowace?
a) Amount due to court at attachments
b) Income Tax
c) Amount due to co-operative societies
d) None of these
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The service qualifying for increment of a substantive officer include
a) suspension period treated as neither duty nor as leave
b) provisional service on and after 1/10/1994
c) leave without allowance on medical certificate
d) suspension period regularized as leave without allowance
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How many types of combination of appointments are there in Government service?
a) 3 types
b) 4 types
c) 2 types
d) 5 types
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A allowance granted to meet personal expenditure necessitated by the special circumstances in which duty is performed is known as
a) Compensatory allowance
b) Dearness allowance
c) House rent allowance
d) Personal allowance
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Which of the following will count as duty for probation ?
a) Holidays prefixing / suffixing eligible leave
b) Earned leave
c) LWA
d) Maternity leave
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The form of Travelling Allowance which is calculated on the distance travelled and which is given to meet the cost of the Particular journey is called
a) Conveyance Allowance
b) Mileage Allowance
c) Daily Allowance
d) Permanent Travelling Allowance
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Next below rule is a rule intended to protect the interest of a Government servant
a) Who is under suspension
b) Who is on long leave to take up employment abroad
c) Who is working outside the ordinary line
d) Who is officiating a higher post on a temporary basis
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Which among the following will be counted for increment?
a) LWA for other employment (Appendix XII A)
b) Overstayed of leave treated as HPL
c) LWA for joining spouse (Appendix XII C)
d) None of these
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Mr. Surendran employee of KSFE was bitten by a dog while performing his duties. The kind of leave admissible is — — —
a) Special casual leave
b) Hospital leave
c) LWA
d) None of these
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