Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 8

Permanent advance of a head of department has to be fixed and sanctioned by

Who is the independent statutory authority who audits the public account?
a) public undertaking committee
b) public accounts committee
c) C & AG
d) estimate committee
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The annual reports submitted to governor and placed before legislature by comptroller and auditor general are
a) monthly civil account
b) accounts of autonomous bodies
c) accounts of public works only
d) appropriation and finance accounts
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Members of public A/c committee shall be elected by whom?
a) ministers
b) legislative assembly
c) local bodies
d) governor
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Period of estimate committee is —————– years
a) 5
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1
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Estimate committee consists of —————– members
a) 14
b) 12
c) 13
d) 11
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Pay etc of a person whose where abouts are unknown should be
a) paid to legal heirs, after a presumption of his death is shown to be justified under section 108 of the Indian evidence act 1872
b) paid within 6 months to the heirs
c) paid immediately to the heirs
d) credited to government revenue
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———————— is exempted from court attachment.
a) house rent allowance
b) dearness allowance
c) pay
d) special pay
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Permanent advance of a head of department has to be fixed and sanctioned by
a) finance department
b) government
c) district collector
d) treasury officer
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Application for initial grant of permanent advance should be submitted to the authority competent to sanction it through whom?
a) treasury officer
b) accountant general (A&E)
c) finance department
d) district collector
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If a building is occupied by more than one government department, to whom will KSEB send the consolidated bill for consumption of electricity?
a) departmental heads
b) district collector
c) E.E. (PWD-Buildings)
d) finance department
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Instructions as to the general procedure for the control of expenditure against appropriation is contained in
a) K.S.R
b) account code
c) budget manual
d) financial code
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A building is occupied by Kerala PWD and central PWD, the taxes shall be paid by
a) Kerala PWD
b) Central PWD
c) Kerala government
d) both department pro-rata in propotion
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Taxes for a government building partly used as residence by a government servant is paid by
a) Government servant
b) Government
c) PWD
d) Partly by government servant and partly by government
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Electricity charges of a civil station is paid by
a) District collector
b) E.E. (PWD)
c) Government
d) Heads of department occupying the building
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Water charges of civil station is paid by
a) E.E. (KWA)
b) District collector
c) Government
d) Departments occupying the buildin
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Who will sign the report on behalf of estimate committee?
a) governor
b) secretary
c) chairman
d) additional secretary
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Which is not a revenue expenditure head?
a) social service
b) general service
c) economic service
d) loans and advance
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The detailed head “Travel expense” excludes
a) weave travel concession
b) conveyance allowance
c) fixed TA
d) expense on travel on duty
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Expenditure on printing office codes and manuals are classified under
a) office expenses
b) publication
c) advertising
d) other charges
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Estimating officer for the receipt head “Taxes on income other than corporation tax” is
a) revenue department
b) income tax commissioner
c) finance department
d) accountant general
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On behalf of governor who holds contingency fund?
a) chief secretary
b) director of treasuries
c) speaker
d) finance secretary
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Running contract may be settled by
a) Head of department
b) Departmental purchase committee
c) Stores purchase department
d) Both (A) and (B)
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A government officer authorised to draw money and make payments on behalf of government is
a) Finance officer
b) Accounts officer
c) Audit officer
d) Disbursing officer
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——————– estimate of the current year is the best guide for framing the next year estimate
a) Supplementary
b) Forecast
c) Revised
d) Detailed
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All Books and Periodicals received in an office should be entered in a register in Form ———————- of KFC
a) Form 19
b) Form 8
c) Form 24
d) Form 4
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