Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 6

Transfer of funds from one unit of appropriation to another unit is called

Who is the custodian of electrical installations in a government building?
a) Electrical wing of P.W.D
b) Head of office occupying the building
c) Electrical inspectorate
d) K.S.E.B
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The powers delegated by the government to various departments to sanction expenditure on works of construction and repairs are specified in
a) Kerala account code
b) Kerala financial code
c) Book of financial powers
d) Budget manual
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Muster roll should be written up
a) Monthly
b) Twice in a week
c) Weekly
d) Daily
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Which expenditure is not subject to the vote of legislature assembly?
a) voted expenditure
b) charged expenditure
c) revenue expenditure
d) new service
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The contingent expenditure on furniture is treated as
a) miscellaneous expense
b) furniture expense
c) office expense
d) other expense
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Transfer of funds from one unit of appropriation to another unit is called
a) transfer
b) redistribution
c) adjustment
d) reappropriation
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Subhead is a head immediately subordinate to
a) minor head
b) major head
c) detailed head
d) object head
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Salary of teachers are ——————— expenditure
a) non-regular
b) charged
c) voted
d) temporary
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Provision for salary of March should be made in the budget estimate of which year?
a) same year
b) following year
c) previous year
d) same half year
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A government officer authorised to draw money and make payments, on behalf of government is called
a) controlling officer
b) drawing officer
c) treasury officer
d) disbursing officer
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As which schemes, should the proposals in respect of loans to local bodies for new works, be treated
a) Part II
b) Part I
c) Part III
d) New service
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All persons who are engaged departmentally for the execution of 'work' should be regard as
a) member of work charged establishment
b) temporary workers
c) permanent employees
d) day labourers
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Daily attendance or absence of each labourer shall be recorded daily in
a) attendance register
b) muster roll-part I
c) work register
d) register of unpaid wages
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In forest department wages remaining unpaid for 3 months should be reported to the
a) Treasury officer
b) Chief conservator of forests
c) Divisional forest officer
d) Superintendent
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All works done otherwise than by daily labour should be paid on the basis of measurements recorded in which book?
a) measurement book
b) work register
c) labour watch register
d) muster roll-part II
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The term ———————– means all materials and articles that come into the possession of government servant for use in public service
a) stores
b) stock
c) stationery
d) articles
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What type of sanction is to be received before making purchase of stores?
a) purchase sanction
b) administrative sanction
c) financial sanction
d) technical sanction
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When should be tender called for by purchasing officer?
a) for purchase of books of price less than Rs.1,000
b) for purchase of uniform for nursing sisters
c) for purchase of stores valued above Rs.10,000
d) for purchase of pretty articles
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Tenders shall not be excluded, when the tender is
a) not accompanied by earnest money
b) from a black listed firm
c) not signed by tenderer
d) received in time
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——————- is an item coming under running contract
a) firewood
b) steel furniture
c) steel cupboards
d) sewing machine
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Who will examine the settled contracts and report the irregularities to government?
a) Head of department
b) Accountant general
c) Departmental purchase committee
d) Chief engineer
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An order issued by a treasury officer on sub treasury within the district for payment on government account is
a) payment order
b) office order
c) cash order
d) treasury order
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From whom will the finance dapartment get actuals of previous year and first 5 months of current year for scrutiny of department estimate?
a) Accountant general (A & E)
b) Department head
c) Controlling officer
d) Treasury officer
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Who will have the right of reply at the end of general discussion on budget?
a) Finance minister
b) Speaker
c) Chief minister
d) Governor
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The estimates of expenditure not charged on the consolidated fund are submitted to assembly in the form of
a) supplementary demand
b) demands for grants
c) appropriation bill
d) money bill
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