Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 5

Which is the register maintained by all officers maintaining government vehicles?

Which article of the constitution says that no money can be with drawn from consolidated fund except under appropriation made by law?
a) 267
b) 204
c) 205
d) 311
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Who is at the top of distribution of appropriation?
a) Disbursing officer
b) Sub controlling officer
c) Chief controlling officer
d) Drawing officer
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How many stages are there in a budgetary cycle?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 5
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What is placed before legislature when an expenditure not contemplated in budget has to be incurred?
a) Statement of expenditure
b) Appropriation Bill
c) Supplementary demand for grant
d) Revised budget
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Financial year starts from
a) Ist July
b) Ist January
c) Ist March
d) Ist April
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Concessional amount paid by government to any undertaking or constitution to cover losses
a) Subsidy
b) Gant-in-aid
c) Contribution
d) Exgratia
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In how many parts are government A/c kept?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7
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Revenue expenditure are met from
a) capital receipts
b) contingency fund
c) loans and advances
d) revenue receipts
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Part II of government A/c comprises transactions connected with
a) consolidated fund
b) public account
c) contingency fund
d) public debt
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Suspense heads are
a) Final heads
b) Remittance heads
c) Minor heads
d) Temporary heads
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The major head of A/c generally corresponds to ——————– of government
a) function
b) programme
c) schemes
d) subschemes
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To whom are the audit reports of comptroller and auditor general of India relating to the accounts of state are submitted?
a) Chief minister
b) Governor
c) President
d) Finance minister
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Which is the register maintained by all officers maintaining government vehicles?
a) Log book
b) Stock register
c) Register of motor vehicles
d) None of these
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Who is the treasurer of charitable endowments?
a) government
b) examiner of local funds
c) director of treasuries
d) secretary to the endowment
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Articles deposited in treasuries for safe custody should be verified by the officer who deposited them at least once in
a) 5 years
b) 2 years
c) a year
d) 3 years
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When a gezetted government servant is confirmed in his department, his service book shall be kept by
a) Head of department
b) Government
c) Himself
d) Accountant general
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Which of the following government record can be destroyed after a short limited period
a) T.A. Bills
b) Government orders
c) Cash book
d) Treasury remittance book
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Government function as a ———————— in regard to deposit of local funds
a) Teasury officer
b) Banker
c) Owner
d) Auditor
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Deposits of Jenmikaram collections are
a) Miscellaneous deposit
b) Forest deposit
c) Revenue deposit
d) Public work deposit
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What type of deposit is devaswom fund?
a) government deposit
b) court deposit
c) revenue deposit
d) personal deposit
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Loans learning interest, made by the government is
a) Permanent advance
b) Pay advance
c) T.A. advance
d) Loans to government servants
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Heads of department are competent to sanction advance for the purchase of what?
a) houses
b) motor conveyance
c) bicycles
d) land
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Which is an interest free advance?
a) furniture advance to junior IAS officers
b) mosquito net advance
c) house bulding advance
d) motor conveyance advance
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Who will furnish the government with the closing balance report of loans so that government can conduct a proper review?
a) accountant general
b) heads of department
c) director of treasuries
d) district collectors
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Under the term “works” what does 'original works' include?
a) new construction
b) periodical repairs
c) occassional repairs
d) maintenance
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