Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 4

Under Part I consolidated fund, the sector ‘grant-in-aid’ (receipt) is denoted by the alphabet

‘Review of budget’ is the ———————– stage of budgetary cycle.
a) Second
b) First
c) Last
d) Third
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Every order sanctioning the grant or revision of permanent advance should be communicated to both the government servant concerned and the :
a) Treasury Officer
b) Accountant General
c) Finance department
d) District Collector
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‘Personal deposit’ under the head “deposits” does not include :
a) Work deposit
b) Devaswom fund
c) Palace funds
d) Police funds
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How many members are there in estimate committee?
a) 11
b) 12
c) 13
d) 14
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Emoluments and allowances of governor are :
a) Voted expenditure
b) Fixed by central government
c) Charge on the consolidated fund
d) Fixed by state government
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Under Part I consolidated fund, the sector ‘grant-in-aid’ (receipt) is denoted by the alphabet :
a) ‘D’
b) ‘A’
c) ‘B’
d) ‘C’
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Who verifies the log book maintained by government officers ?
a) Controlling officer
b) Transport Commissioner
c) Treasury Officer
d) None of these
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Securities deposited with a government officer ex-officio is called :
a) Important document
b) Valuable document
c) Secret document
d) Government document
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A record of services and pay of every government servant is maintained in :
a) Personal register
b) Record of services
c) Service Book
d) Pension book
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Which of the following records should not be destroyed ?
a) Budget estimate
b) Contingent bills
c) T A Bills
d) Lapsed list of Judicial deposits
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Where are the cash balance of local funds which are deposited with government accounted ?
a) Public account
b) Consolidated fund
c) Contingency fund
d) Sinking fund
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Sale proceeds of land sold for arrears of revenue comes under :
a) Civil deposit
b) Revenue deposit
c) Personal deposit
d) Security deposit
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Which is not a civil court deposit ?
a) Money received in satisfaction of decree
b) Sale proceeds of interstate properties
c) Earnest money deposit
d) Court attachments from salaries
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A lapsed deposit credited to government should be repaid only with the sanction of :
a) Law department
b) Treasury Officer
c) Finance department
d) Accountant General
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Which is the amount paid by government to an institution to cover its recurrent and non-recurrent costs, which are subject to audit ?
a) Subsidy
b) Grants-in- aid
c) Contribution
d) Ex-gratia
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.———————- means a document presented before legislature every year by finance minister
a) Profit and loss account
b) Expenditure statement
c) Budget
d) Finance account
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As per which article of constitution ‘Annual financial statement’ is to be laid before legislature ?
a) 267
b) 205
c) 204
d) 202
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Which is the legal authority for withdrawal of money from consolidated fund ?
a) Appropriation act
b) Appropriation bill
c) Demand for grant
d) Supplementary grant
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A budgetary cycle does not include :
a) Preparation of budget
b) Division of funds
c) Passing of budget
d) Execution of budget
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Financial year means :
a) Calendar year
b) 1st July to 30th June (next year)
c) 1st April to 31st March of succeeding year
d) 1st January to 31st December
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Which of the following does not come under the main division of government accounts ?
a) Public accounts
b) Consolidated fund
c) Contingency fund
d) Sinking fund
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By whom budget is presented to the legislature?
a) Governor
b) Chief Minister
c) Finance Minister
d) Speaker
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Budget is also known a
a) Finance account
b) Revenue estimate
c) Department estimate
d) Annual financial statement
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Who passes the appropriation bill ?
a) Legislature
b) Governor
c) Finance minister
d) Speaker
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Amount paid to an institution without any condition regarding any actual utilisation is termed
a) Contribution
b) Grant-in-aid
c) Subsidy
d) Exgratia
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