Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 3

Taxes of building occupied by different departments including revenue department, shall be paid by :

Contribution for leave and pension of officer lent to foreign service are watched by :
a) Head of office
b) Treasury officer
c) Finance department
d) Accountant general
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Scholarships and grant-in-aid become due for payment on:
a) The last day of the month in which they are earned
b) 31st March
c) First day of the month in which they are earned
d) 1st April
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Period of limitations of arrear claims of pay is ————— years from the date when the claim fell due.
a) 3
b) 5
c) 1
d) 2
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Washing allowance paid to class IV employees shall be classified under
a) Salaries
b) Contingencies
c) Special allowance
d) Special contingencies
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Electricity charges due to KSEB may be paid in ———————— irrespective of the amount involved :
a) By cheque
b) In cash
c) By demand draft
d) By contingent bill
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Taxes of building occupied by different departments including revenue department, shall be paid by :
a) P W D
b) All departments equally
c) Revenue department
d) Finance department
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Electricity charges of building partly used for department and partly for residence is met by
a) District collector
b) E E, (P W D)
c) Collector and resident equally
d) Partly by department and partly by resident
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Water charges of building used partly for departmental and residential purposes is met by
a) District Collector `
b) E E (PWD)
c) Partly by department and partly by resident
d) Partly by collector and partly by resident
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If a requirement is so urgent that expenditure on the ‘new service’ cannot be put off till a supplementary grant is obtained interim provisions may be fund by obtaining an advance from :
a) Contingency fund
b) Consolidated fund
c) Public a/c
d) Capital fund
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Contingency fund is in the nature of imprest placed at the disposal of :
a) Chief Minister
b) Governor
c) Finance Minister
d) Revenue Minister
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In each state who acts on behalf of C A G ?
a) Governor
b) Auditor General
c) Chief Minister
d) Account General
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Public accounts committee consists of ——————– members
a) 9
b) 11
c) 10
d) 5
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The period of public accounts committee is :
a) 3 Years
b) 1 Year
c) 2 Years
d) 4 Years
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Committee constituted by legislative assembly to suggest means for improving efficiency and effecting economy is called:
a) Legislative committee
b) Public a/c committee
c) Public undertaking committee
d) Estimate committee
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The revenue receipt head “A-tax revenue” consists of :
a) Service tax
b) Taxes on income
c) Non-tax revenue
d) Grant-in-aid
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Who will be elected member of estimate committee ?
a) Member of legislative assembly
b) Revenue Minister
c) Chief Minister
d) Finance Minister
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Under Part I consolidated fund revenue section contains :
a) ‘E’ – public department
b) ‘I’ – small savings
c) ‘A’- tax revenue
d) ‘M’ – remittances
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Under (Part III) public account, the sector ‘reserve fund’ is denoted by the alphabet:
a) ‘M’
b) ‘I’
c) ‘L’
d) ‘J’
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Part III public A/c includes :
a) Departmental advance
b) Public department
c) Loans and advances
d) Capital a/c
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Under L M M H ‘salary’ comes under :
a) Major head
b) Detailed head
c) Minor head
d) Sub object head
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Which article of constitution provide for the expense of state P S C ?
a) 290 (A)
b) 202 (3)
c) 322
d) 229(3)
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Estimating officer for interest receipts from government engineering work shops :
a) Finance department
b) Chief Engineer (Irrigation)
c) Director of Industries
d) Chef Engineer (General) (Buildings and roads)
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Who is the estimating officer for receipt of interest of loans to local bodies ?
a) Director of panchayats
b) Director of Municipality
c) Finance department
d) Accountant General
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Budget year starts from :
a) 1st April
b) 1st January
c) 1st March
d) 1st June
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Part A of the statement showing progress of expenditure on schemes under 5 year plan contain :
a) Centrally sponsored schemes
b) State non-plan schemes
c) State plan schemes
d) Central plan schemes
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