Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 2

The finance minister will present the budget to the legislative assembly on a day fixed by

Salary of High Court Judges are ———————- expenditure.
a) Voted
b) Charged `
c) Capital
d) Miscellaneous
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Which article of the constitution specifies the expenditures charged on the consolidated fund ?
a) 1151
b) 205
c) 202(3) appendix 4
d) 267(2)
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A service, the expenditure on which is not contemplated in budget is called :
a) Abnormal service
b) Additional service
c) Extra service
d) New service
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The act of formal acceptance by finance department, of surrendered funds by departments is called :
a) Resumption
b) Appropriation
c) Reappropriation
d) Reallotment
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Which is the intermediate head of a/c between a major head and a minor head ?
a) Sub minor head
b) Sub – major head
c) Sub head
d) Object head
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By which department is very part II scheme first examined ?
a) Administrative department concerned
b) Finance department
c) Law department
d) Revenue department
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Statement showing assets and liabilities of government is appended to :
a) Evaluation report
b) 5 year plan
c) Performance budget
d) Explanatory memorandum on budget
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The finance minister will present the budget to the legislative assembly on a day fixed by
a) Chief Secretary
b) Chief Minister
c) Governor
d) Home Minister
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When is the detailed estimates of receipts and payments of a financial year?
a) Financial statement
b) Detailed account
c) Receipts and payments account
d) Budget estimates
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A written order by a person to a bank or treasury to pay a sum to payee is :
a) Receipt
b) Bill
c) Cheque
d) Draft
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The incidental expenditure which is necessarily incurred in running an officer:
a) Establishment charges
b) Contingent charges
c) Departmental charges
d) Miscellaneous charges
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The total of the consolidated fund contingency fund and public a/c of the state :
a) Government a/c
b) Department a/c
c) Receipt and payment a/c
d) Commercial a/c
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The order of a competent authority sanctioning detailed estimate of the cost of a work of construction to be carried out by PWD :
a) Administrative sanction
b) Work order
c) Technical sanction
d) Establishment sanction.
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All appropriation lapses on ———————- every year
a) 31st January
b) 31st December
c) 30th June
d) 31st March
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By whom the departmental figure should be reconciled with treasury figure ?
a) Departmental sub controlling officer
b) Accountant General
c) Treasury Officer
d) Revenue Officer
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The responsibility for recovering rent of buildings under PWD, used wholly or partially as residences rest mainly with :
a) Head of office
b) Executive Engineer
c) Treasury Officer
d) Divisional Accountant
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Article 206(1) of the constitution has provided that the state legislature may make advance grant as a ———————- to meet the expenses for a part of the new financial year.
a) Supplementary demand for grant
b) Budget
c) Demand for grant
d) Vote on account
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Who is the Chief controlling officer of the subhead ‘building’ ?
a) Chief Engineer (Gl, Buildings and roads)
b) Executive Engineer
c) Assistant Engineer
d) Junior Engineer
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In a parliamentary system of government control over expenditure is exercised by how many agencies ?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 5
d) 2
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Whenever here is a likely hood of expenditure exceeding appropriation accountant general brings this to the notice of chief controlling officer by :
a) D O letters
b) A/s statements
c) Warning steps
d) Explanatory notes
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It is very important to conduct a prompt and proper reconciliation of departmental expenditure with the books of :
a) Revenue department
b) Finance department
c) General administration department
d) Accountant general
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Who will have the control over expenditure on a/c of travelling expenses of M L A S ?
a) Secretary, Legislature
b) Secretary, Finance
c) Chief Secretary
d) Secretary, Law department
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Transfer of appropriation from one unit to another. Q
a) Resumption
b) Re-appropriation
c) Redistribution
d) Adjustment
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Re-appropriation is permissible between :
a) Changed and voted
b) Grants
c) Detailed heads
d) Revenue and capital
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Publications should be priced on a costing system and sale price fixed at —————- percent above cost price.
a) 100
b) 25
c) 50
d) 10
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