Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 15

Registration of security bond is compulsory if the security furnished is in the form of

As a general rule, a claim against the Government, not preferred within ————- years of its becoming due should be paid only after the sanction from the head of deprtment
a) 2 years
b) 1 year
c) 5 years
d) 3 years
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A Register of Increment will be maintained by the drawing officer in Form no ——– of Kerala Financial Code
a) 12
b) 20
c) 9A
d) 23
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The system of letter of credit was introduced in Kerala with effect from
a) 27120
b) 29312
c) 28581
d) 36617
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Service details of Non Gazetted Officers are maintained in
a) History of service
b) Service book
c) Pay bill
d) Aquittance register
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Interest on advance for the purchase of mosquito net will be
a) 0.06
b) Interest free
c) 0.04
d) 0.12
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Onam advance will be recovered in ————- equal monthly instalments
a) Three
b) Five
c) Eight
d) Four
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Tenders should be invited if the estimated value of the store to be purchased is —————- or above
a) Rs. 20,000
b) Rs. 10,000
c) Rs. 5000
d) Rs. 500
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Interest on House Building Advance sanctioned by Govt. is
a) Compound
b) Flat
c) Simple
d) EMI
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Registration of security bond is compulsory if the security furnished is in the form of
a) Immovable Property
b) Debenture
c) NSS certificate
d) Share Certificate
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Water charges of a Govt. quarters occupied by Govt. servant as residence should be paid by
a) Tenant
b) Head of office
c) Dist. Collector
d) Exe. Engineer
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The following subject is not an agency subject
a) Registration and surveillance of foreigners
b) Deportation of Foreigners
c) Payment of political pension from central Revenue
d) Payment for the maintanance of village roads
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Motion moved to reduce the amount of demand
a) Vote on account
b) Cut motion
c) Vote of credit
d) None of the above
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The amount of estimate in respect of each detailed head of account should be rounded to the nearest
a) Ten
b) Hundred
c) Thousand
d) Lakhs
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The articles deposited in a Treasury for safe custody should be verified by the officer who deposited them at least once in
a) Two years
b) Five years
c) Three years
d) Each year
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Transfer of fund from one unit of appropriation to another is called
a) Resumption of fund
b) New services
c) Re-appropriation
d) Letter of credit
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Admissibility of leave of Gazetted Officers are certified by
a) Head of Office
b) Head of Department
c) Government
d) Accountant General
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Appropriation control aims at controlling
a) Appropriation
b) Expenditure
c) Re-appropriation
d) Surrender
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Budget year means
a) Calendar year
b) Financial year
c) Half year
d) None of the above
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If Registration of security bond is considered necessary, it should be done at the expense of
a) Depositor
b) Both depositor and Govt.
c) Government
d) None of these
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Time limit for the presentation of final bill for advance drawn under Art.99 of KFC is
a) 1 year
b) 1 month
c) 6 months
d) 3 months
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All articles and materials which come into the possession of a Government servant for use in the Public service
a) Money
b) Document
c) Stores
d) Bills
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Which independent authority audits Government Accounts of each year?
a) Chartered Account
b) Comptroller and Auditor General
c) Advocate General
d) None of the above
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Main Head of Account for recording and classifying receipt and disbursement of Government Accounts is
a) Sector
b) Major Head
c) Detailed Head
d) Division
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Period of limitation of arrear claims against Government in respect of pay and allowance is ————- years from the due date
a) 1 year
b) 10 years
c) 5 years
d) 3 years
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Monthly rent of a Govt. building let to a private person should be recovered
a) In advance
b) After the close of the year
c) Yearly
d) Half yearly
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