Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 14

What is the sole legal authority for the appropriation of money from the consolidated fund?

The primary responsibility in submission of proposal for supplementary appropriation rests with
a) Finance Department
b) Chief Controlling Officer
c) Finance Minister
d) Legislature
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The contingency fund has been created and is in the nature of an imprest placed at the disposal of
a) Finance Minister
b) Chief Secretary
c) Chief Minister
d) Governor
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Expenditure incurred with the object of increasing concrete assets of ————— material and permanent character is
a) Revenue Expenditure
b) Capital Expenditure
c) Sundry Expenditure
d) Petty Expenditure
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The ———– have power to create or abolish any post in connection with the affairs of state
a) Head of Office
b) Head of Department
c) Government
d) District Collector
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What is the sole legal authority for the appropriation of money from the consolidated fund?
a) Appropriation bill
b) Presentation of the budgt
c) Passing of the budget
d) Appropriation act
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The value of Govt. land and building transferred to a commercial Dept. or Service Dept. shall be fixed by
a) RDO
b) Dist. Collector
c) Village Officer
d) Tahasildar
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Amount recovered by Government from another Government, body or persons for whom work is done is called
a) Contractors profit
b) Centage Charge
c) Fine
d) Duty
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The detailed head, last tier of classification in Government accounts is also known as ————- classification
a) Section Classification
b) Division Classification
c) Object Classification
d) Sector Classification
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Abandonment of claims of revenue without exhausting all recovery is called
a) Write off
b) Remission
c) Waiver of revenue
d) Refund of revenue
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The rate of EMD is ———- % of the total cost of the articles tendered
a) 0.05
b) 0.01
c) 0.02
d) 0.1
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Security Register should be preserved for not less than ——— years
a) 40 years
b) 20 years
c) 10 years
d) 5 years
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The Annual Financial statement is presented to legislature by
a) Accountant General
b) Chief Minister
c) Finance Minister
d) Finance Secretary
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Legislature allows appropriation of fund before the enactment of appropriation bill by means of
a) Vote of credit
b) Exceptional granty
c) Vote on account
d) Supplementary grant
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All Books and Periodicals received in an office should be entered in a register in Form ————– of KFC
a) Form 19
b) Form 8
c) Form 24
d) Form 4
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In Kerala, the first attempt of performance budgeting was made in the year
a) 1985-86
b) 1970-71
c) 1992-93
d) 2005-06
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The system of issue of funds in lump from treasury on cheques is known as
a) Allotment
b) Savings bank account
c) Letter of credit
d) Vote of credit
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Payment for a work done should be made on the basis of measurement recorded in
a) Muster Roll
b) Measurement Book
c) Contingent Bill
d) Stock Register
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TA bills of Ministers are countersigned by
a) Chief Minister
b) Chief Secretary
c) Speaker
d) They do not require countersignature
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Every transfer of charge of a Gazetted Officer should be reported by the officer concerned by post on the ———- to the Accountant General
a) Next day
b) Fifth day
c) Second day
d) Same day
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The first replies to inspection report of Accountant General should be sent within ———— from the date of receipt of the Inspection Report
a) One week
b) Two weeks
c) Four weeks
d) Three weeks
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Preparation of the Budget marks the first of four Budgetary Stages and is purely ———— function
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) None of the above
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Rules relating to recovery of Income Tax are explained in Article ————- of KFC
a) Article 89(2)
b) Article 163(a)
c) Article 99
d) Article 29(c)
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What is the correct order of the Budgetary cycle?
a) Preparation, Review, Presentation, Passing of Budget
b) Preparation, Presentation, Passing, Review of Budget
c) Preparation, Passing, Presentation, Review of Budget
d) None of the above
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“Financial Year” is defined in Article ———– of Kerala Financial Code
a) Art. 3
b) Art. 25
c) Art. 4
d) Art. 305
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The transactions of Government accounts are classified in a
a) Five tier system
b) Three tier system
c) Six tier system
d) Two tier system
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