Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 13

Finance minister will present the budget to the legislature on a day to be fixed by the

Which one of the following should be included in the Part II estimate?
a) Salary and allowances of permanent staff
b) Proposal for additions to cadre of services or post
c) Travel expenses of existing staff
d) Rent rate and taxes
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Interest rate of House Building Advance as per Art.244 of KFC is
a) 0.08
b) 0.06
c) 0.09
d) 0.1
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Control over appropriation is the special responsibility of the
a) Head of Office
b) Finance Department
c) Head of Department
d) Accountant General
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The advance pay on transfer should be recovered from the salary in ————- equal monthly statements
a) Five
b) Two
c) Three
d) Ten
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Finance minister will present the budget to the legislature on a day to be fixed by the
a) The Speaker
b) The Governor
c) The Chief Minister
d) The Finance Minister
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The daily collection of each office should be remitted into the treasury
a) Once in ten days
b) Once in a month
c) Once in two days
d) The next working day
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Which is the article in Kerala Financial Code on 'Standards of Financial' propriety?
a) Article 41
b) Article 40(b)
c) Article 40(a)
d) Article 45
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A Government servant died at 10 AM on 15.6.2012. How many days of pay and allowances are payable to the employee for the month of June?
a) 9 days
b) 30 days
c) 10 days
d) 15 days
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“Warning slips” are issued by
a) Head of the Department
b) Finance Department
c) Accountant General
d) Administrative Department
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Budget grants for a financial year lapse on ————— financial year
a) 31st March
b) 1st April
c) 15th April
d) 30th April
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The order of a competent authority sanctioning a detailed estimate of the cost of a work of construction or repair to be carried out by the PWD is termed
a) Administrative Sanction
b) Technical Sanction
c) Financial Sanction
d) None of the above
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The Head of the Office who exercise audit function of the state on behalf of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is
a) Advocate General
b) Accountant General
c) Pay and Account Officer
d) Finance secretary
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Introduction of performance budgeting was recommeded by
a) Administrative reforms commission
b) Finance Commission
c) Planning Commission
d) Election Commission
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One Supervisory officer and a peon may be engaged in the transmission of Government money if the amount is above
a) 5 lakhs
b) 10 lakhs
c) 1 lakh
d) 2 lakhs
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Advance for the travelling expenses for tours of a Head of Department is sanctioned by
a) Secretary to Government
b) Chief Secretary
c) Head of Department himself
d) Additional Secretary
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Pubic Account is meant to record transactions relating to
a) Contingency Fund
b) Revenue Account
c) Capital Account
d) Debt, Deposit, Advances
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The permanent advance of a Head of Department has to be fixed and sanctioned by
a) Head of Department
b) Government
c) Accountant General
d) None of the above
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Appropriation accounts of the state are prepared by
a) Director of Treasuries
b) Comptroller and Auditor General of India
c) Finance Department
d) Chartered Accountant
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Who has the power to reappropriate between minor heads within a grant?
a) revenue department
b) finance department
c) head of department
d) controlling officer
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Salary of teachers are ———— expenditure
a) non-regular
b) charged
c) voted
d) temporary
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What is meant by an agency subject?
a) Subject administered by State Government on behalf of Union Government
b) Subject administered by State Government from State List
c) Subject administered by State from concurrent list
d) None of the above
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Find out from the following the expenditure not charged on the consolidated fund of the state
a) Emoluments and allowances of the Governor
b) Administrative Expense of the high court
c) Salary and allowances of the Chief Minister
d) Debt charge for which the state is liable
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Discussion of the Budget is allowed
a) On the day the Budget is Presented
b) On the day Speaker allotts
c) On the day chief minister agrees
d) On the day Governor fixes
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Monthly statement of bills drawn against personal claims of gazetted officers should be forwarded to
a) Treasury officer
b) Accountant general
c) Controlling officer
d) Finance department
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Legal authority for the withdrawal of money from the consolidated fund of the state
a) Appropriation Act
b) Appropriation Bill
c) Presentation of the budget
d) None of the above
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