Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 12

Finance department issues circulars to all heads of department for the preparation of budget in the month of

Letters of credit are issued for —————– months at a time
a) 6
b) 3
c) 12
d) 2
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——————- will indicate the nature of the various items of receipt and expenditure included under each head in a budget
a) Evaluation report
b) Explanatory memorandum
c) Annual financial statement
d) Appendix-I of budget
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Introducing commercial accounting system in government operation is:
a) Simple accounting
b) Subsidiary accounting
c) Proforma accounting
d) Cost accounting
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Fixed assets of government are shown in the ———————– register
a) Tender register
b) Work register
c) Immovable property register
d) Register of valuables
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Transactions between different departments of government which does not involve receipt and payment is known as:
a) Departmental payments
b) Budget provision
c) Book adjustments
d) Nominal adjustments
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Finance department issues circulars to all heads of department for the preparation of budget in the month of
a) July
b) August
c) January
d) October
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Appropriation means:
a) Detailed forecast of expenditure
b) Classification of government accounts
c) Seeking regularization of expenditure
d) Assignment of funds by the legislature to meet specified expenditure
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The formal acceptance of funds in excess of requirement by finance department is:
a) Resumption
b) Reappropriation
c) Fund transfer
d) Reconciliation
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The details of labourers engaged in public work are record in:
a) Measurement book
b) Estimate report
c) Muster roll
d) Work register
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A deposit credited to the government under Article 282 of KFC should only be repaid with the previous sanction of:
a) Government
b) Accountant General
c) Head of Department
d) Finance Department
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When a person is appointed substantively to a post over and above, its sanctioned strength is:
a) Substantive
b) Officiating
c) Temporary
d) Supernumerary
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Tenders shall not be included in one of the following
a) When the tenders are in prescribed form
b) When the tender is accompanied by requisite EMD
c) When the tender is signed by the tenderer
d) When the tender is received late
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Fixed amount sanctioned by government to each office from which urgent or unforeseen expenditure can be met:
a) Contingent advance
b) Tamporary advance
c) Permanent advance
d) Sanctioned advance
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Part time contingent employees appointed for cleaning work shall be paid pay and allowance at a rate fixed by the government on the basis of
a) Duration of work
b) Age of the worker
c) Location of work
d) Area to be cleaned
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Rate contract for one of the following item is generally settled by DGS and D, New Delhi:
a) Food items
b) Fuels
c) Vehicles
d) Clothes
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What is placed before legislature when an expenditure not contemplated in budget has to be incurred?
a) Statement of expenditure
b) Appropriation Bill
c) Supplementary demand for grant
d) Revised budget
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First among the five tier classification of government transactions is:
a) Major head
b) Sub major head
c) Detailed head
d) Sectors
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Appropriation account and finance accounts are prepared with reference to the book of
a) Finance department
b) Treasury
c) Accountant general
d) Administrative department
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Compensation to government servants for loss of his property will be claimed as per ——————– of KFC Vol. I
a) Article 85
b) Article 238
c) Article 231
d) Article 312
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Contract for supply of stores at a specified rate during a period:
a) Supply contract
b) Running contract
c) Rate contract
d) Negotiated contract
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Warning slip is issued by:
a) Finance department
b) Administrative department
c) Accountant general
d) Chief controlling officer
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Unspent balance of letter of credit lapses at the end of
a) Each month
b) Each quarter
c) Each half year
d) Month of Mach
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Government function as a ————- is regard to deposit of local funds
a) Treasury officer
b) Banker
c) Owner
d) Auditor
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Sanction for a temporary appointment for which period is not specified should be obtained
a) Every year
b) Every six months
c) Every two years
d) Every five years
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The primary function of the Committee on Public Accounts is to scrutinise
a) Audit Report
b) Budget Estimate
c) Bills
d) Inspection Report
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