Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 11

All India level tender notices may be published in addition to government gazette notification, in the:

Excess grant denotes:
a) Grant made to regularize expenditure incurred in any previous financial year over and above granted
b) Gant sanctioned to meet unforeseen contingencies
c) Grant sanctioned in excess of requirements
d) Grant sanctioned by the government without considering the previous years expenditure
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The register of special recoveries in miscellaneous dues are maintained by:
a) Finance department
b) Accountant general
c) Concerned departments
d) Treasury officer
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Payments for store purchase should not be delayed for more than —————– days
a) 60 days
b) 15 days
c) 90 days
d) 30 days
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If the contractor agrees to execute a complete work with a fixed sum:
a) Piece work agreement
b) Direct execution
c) Running contract
d) Lump sum contract
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Single tender system may be adopted
a) When the purchasing officer is the head of departmennt
b) When the purchasing officer realised that competition is not advantageous
c) When the commodity purchased is very valuable
d) None of these
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Audit objection register is to be maintained in a Government office as per Art. ——————— of KFC Vol.I
a) Art. 108
b) Art. 242
c) Art.63
d) Art. 228
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Travelling allowance bills should be preserved in a government office for ——————– completed years:
a) 4
b) 5
c) 55
d) 3
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All India level tender notices may be published in addition to government gazette notification, in the:
a) Regional newspaper
b) Local news channel
c) Foreign trade publication
d) Indian trade journal
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Sanction for a detailed estimate of public work is:
a) Administrative sanction
b) Technical sanction
c) Financial sanction
d) None of the above
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The period of limitation of arrear claim of pay and allowance is
a) 5 years
b) 3 years
c) 10 years
d) 1 year
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The detailed head “Travel expense” excludes
a) weave travel concession
b) conveyance allowance
c) fixed TA
d) expense on travel on duty
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Expenditure which is not subject to the vote of the Legislative assembly is
a) Charged expenditure
b) Supplementary expenditure
c) Voted expenditure
d) Revised expenditure
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Details of documents such as deeds, agreements etc. in a government office entered in:
a) Register of valuables
b) Service register
c) Movable property register
d) Register of works
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—————– payment is given to a government servant who sustain injuries while on duty
a) Advance
b) Exgratia
c) Compensation
d) Incentive
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Security Register should be preserved for not less than ————— years
a) 40 years
b) 20 years
c) 10 years
d) 5 years
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Presenting the operations of government in both financial and physical term is:
a) Revised budget
b) Deficit budget
c) Performance budget
d) Surplus budget
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Invitation or tender is necessary in the following case
a) Article covered by rate contract
b) Controlled stores
c) Purchase of electrical items for government office
d) Purchase of uniform for nurses of government hospitals
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Price preference may be given to:
a) Product of public sector undertaking
b) Products of foreign manufacture
c) Products of competitive firms
d) Products of private firms
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The travelling allowance bill of one of the follwing officers require a counter signature
a) Joint Secretaries to Government
b) District collectors
c) Under Secretaries to Government
d) Additional Secretaries to Government
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After the public work is measured, the statement 'J accept the measurement' is recorded and signed by the:
a) Engineer
b) Controlling officer
c) The worker
d) The contractor
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Details of measurement book is given in Article ——————- of KFC Vol.I
a) Art. 124
b) Art. 189
c) Art. 88
d) Art. 228
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In the case of the goods imported from abroad, insurance charges are payable by:
a) Supplier
b) Government
c) Both supplier and government
d) As per the purchase condition
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No money can be withdrawn from consolidated fund until the ——————- has been enacted
a) Expenditure bill
b) Revenue bill
c) Appropriation bill
d) Reappropriation bill
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Letter of credit is issued to which of the following government department?
a) Agriculture department
b) Local fund audit department
c) Forest department
d) Education department
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The treasury officer cheks the appropriation to cover the payment on a bill, with reference to
a) register of expenditure
b) cash book
c) appropriation control register
d) list of payments
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