Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 10

Which of the following is not included in the definition of ‘stores’ in KFC ?

Earnest money deposits may not be accepted in the following form:
a) Cheque
b) Crossed bank draft
c) Cash
d) Government promissory note
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Admissibility of leave of Gazetted Officers are certified by
a) Head of Office
b) Head of Department
c) Government
d) Accountant General
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Condemned stores which are quite worthless should be:
a) Preserved for verification
b) Destroyed
c) Product before the HOD
d) Kept in safe custody until sanction is obtained for removal
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Which of the following is not included in the definition of 'stores' in KFC ?
a) Furniture
b) Books
c) Stationery
d) Fuel
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Utilisation of government loan to local bodies is watched by:
a) Director of Panchayath
b) Rural Development Commissioner
c) Director of Local Fund Audit
d) Local Self Government Department
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The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by the
a) Prime Minister
b) Council of Minister
c) Parliament
d) President
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Discretionary grant may be sanctioned by:
a) District collectors
b) Village officers
c) Block development officers
d) Ast. development commissioners
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The verification of stores should never the entrusted with:
a) A gazetted officer
b) A low paid subordinate
c) Superior executive officer
d) None of the above
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The rate of interest per annum to be charged for the unutilized portion of tour advance is
a) 0.18
b) 0.02
c) 0.12
d) 0.125
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Vote of credit is for
a) Meeting excess demand upon resources
b) Meeting ordinary demands upon resources
c) Meeting debt nature expenditure
d) Meeting unexpected demand upon the resources
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The legislature can make ——————– grant which forms no part of the current service of any financial year
a) Urgent
b) Extraordinary
c) Major
d) Exceptional
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Efficiency and economy in administration is evaluated by
a) Public accounts committee
b) Public undertaking committee
c) Petition committee
d) Estimate committee
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Expenditure incurred with the object of increasing concrete asset of a permanent character
a) Revenue expenditure
b) Scheme expenditure
c) Capital expenditure
d) Debt service
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Advance on transfer is granted as per ———————- of KFC Vol. I
a) Art. 332
b) Art. 252
c) Art. 212
d) Art. 118
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Which department in the following is listed for payment of salary on the first working day of the month?
a) Agriculture
b) Industries
c) Rural development
d) Stationary and printing
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Electricity charges of a civil station is paid by
a) District collector
b) E.E. (PWD)
c) Government
d) Heads of department occupying the building
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——————— has the major control over public spending
a) Chief minister
b) Legislature
c) Judiciary
d) Vigilance department
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Which of the following expenditure is not charged on the consolidated fund of the state?
a) Salary of speaker
b) Salary of deputy speaker
c) Expenses of PSC
d) Allowances of Chief Minister
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The major head of A/c generally corresponds to ——————– of government
a) function
b) programme
c) schemes
d) subschemes
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Earnest money deposit to be taken for tender is ————– percent of the total cost of the article
a) 0.05
b) 0.03
c) 0.01
d) 0.1
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Counter signature of the superior authority is necessary in the charge report when
a) The charge report is sent to AG after the day of taking charge
b) The charge report is not jointly signed by the relieving and relieved officer
c) The relieved officer is transferred as a punishment
d) The relieving officer is newly appointed in service
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The estimates of expenditure not charged on the consolidated fund of the state are submitted to assembly in the form of:
a) Evaluation report
b) Demand for grants
c) Supplementary grants
d) Charged expenditure
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The register to be maintained in connection with the government vehicle:
a) Contingent register
b) Duty book
c) Log book
d) Imprest register
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Class IV employees who have served continuously for not less than —————– years will be eligible for advance for marriage of their daughter
a) 10
b) 20
c) 5
d) 3
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Sale proceeds of inter state property is included in:
a) Civil court deposit
b) Revenue deposit
c) Personal deposit
d) Work deposit
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