Departmental Tests

KFC I & II, KBM – Test 1

To whom should every sanction to expenditure of ‘works’ be communicated ?

How many main divisions are there in the consolidated fund ?
a) 2
b) 6
c) 3
d) 4
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Who is the authority to sanction an advance for purchase of motor conveyance ?
a) Government
b) Accountant General
c) Head of department
d) Finance department
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To which category of employees, marriage advance to meet the expense of marriage of their female children is sanctioned ?
a) Class II
b) Class IV
c) Class III
d) Contingent employees
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Advances for removal of encroachments is a ———————- advance.
a) Permanent
b) Civil
c) Revenue
d) Miscellaneous
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Who makes the book adjustment in the accounts when a loan / advance is to be written off under the sanction of a competent authority ?
a) Finance ministry
b) Heads of department
c) Revenue ministry
d) Accountant General
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Which is the initial record of labour employed each day on a ‘work’ ?
a) Attendance register
b) Acquittance roll
c) Register of labour
d) Muster roll
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To whom should every sanction to expenditure of ‘works’ be communicated ?
a) Assistant Engineer
b) Executive Engineer
c) Accountant General
d) District Collector
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From where is , electrical items such as bulbs etc are to be obtained for replacement in Government buildings ?
a) Shops of electrical goods
b) Electrical store of P W D
c) Contractors
d) Outside agencies
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Under the term ‘works’ the sub division ‘Repairs and maintenance’ includes :
a) Periodical repairs
b) Reconstruction
c) Additions
d) Repairs to newly purchased buildings
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Capital expenditure is generally met from :
a) Small Savings
b) Revenue receipts
c) Borrowed funds
d) Capital receipts
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Under which section in Government accounts “ Tax Revenue, non tax revenue and grant in aid” appear ?
a) Remittances
b) Capital receipts
c) Public debt
d) Revenue receipts
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How many sectors are there in public account ?
a) 6
b) 5
c) 2
d) 4
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The schemes / activities in a programme is reflected under :
a) Major head
b) Sub head
c) Minor head
d) Object head
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Whose approval is required for the introduction of a new major or minor head ?
a) Chief Minister
b) Comptroller and Auditor General
c) Finance department
d) Governor
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Which is the account that brings out the account of expenditure during a financial year ?
a) Government a/c
b) Finance a/c
c) Appropriation a/c
d) Public a/c
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Under which article of the constitution of India, the audit reports are laid before legislative assembly ?
a) 202
b) 205
c) 267
d) 151(2)
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The officer who is responsible for the control over expenditure is called :
a) Chief controlling Officer
b) Sub controlling officer
c) Drawing Officer
d) Disbursing officer
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Labourers employed for ‘work’ may be paid :
a) Monthly
b) Daily
c) Weekly
d) Twice in a week
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All wages not claimed within ———————-months should be forfeited.
a) 5
b) 3
c) 2
d) 6
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Progress of work done by labourers should be recorded in :
a) Progress register
b) Muster roll (Part I)
c) Muster roll (Part II)
d) Work register
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.—————- is the original record of actual measurement of work done.
a) Muster roll Part I
b) Work book
c) Muster roll Part II
d) Measurement book
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An item coming under rate contract is :
a) Steel furniture
b) Dietary articles
c) Fire wood
d) Charcoal
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Who is competent to accord administrative sanction for purchase of stores ?
a) Finance department
b) Heads of department
c) General administration department
d) P W D
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The ——————- system should be used as a general rule must be adopted in the purchase of stores.
a) Single tender
b) Limited tender
c) Open tender
d) Joint tender
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In cases when railways freight is to be borne by government the stores should be got down by :
a) Post
b) Passenger train
c) Lorry transportation
d) Goods train
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