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IIAA & KAC – Test 8

A person, who shall be eligible for election as Vice-President of India, shall complete the age of

The pension paid to Tamil Nadu government pensioner in a treasury in Kerala is settled through
a) Accountant General of Kerala
b) Accountant General of Tamil Nadu
c) Union Government
d) Central accounts section of reserve bank of India
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The Contingency Fund of the Union is at the disposal of
a) Prime Minister of India
b) President of India
c) Finance Minister of the Union
d) Finance Secretary, Central Govt.
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A person, who shall be eligible for election as Vice-President of India, shall complete the age of
a) 30 Years
b) 35 Years
c) 33 Years
d) 40 Years
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The Consolidated Fund of the Central Government is known as
a) Consolidated Fund of Central
b) Consolidated of the Union
c) Consolidated Fund of India
d) Consolidated Fund
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Who appoints the Attorney- General of India
a) The President of India
b) The Prime Minister of India
c) The Vice-President of India
d) The Chief Justice of India
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Revenue receipts of a government comprises of
a) Tax only
b) Non tax only
c) Grants-in-aid
d) All the three
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A reserve fund is created by contributions or grants from the
a) Union
b) State Government
c) Outside agency
d) All the above
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Who discharge the function of the President of India when he is unable to discharge his function due to absence, illness or any other cause?
a) The Chief Justice of India
b) The Prime Minister of India
c) The Vice-President of India
d) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
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Budget shows receipts and payments of Government under three heads
a) Revenue Account, Capital Account and Public Account
b) Debt, Deposit and Advances
c) Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund and Public Account
d) None of these
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Contingency Fund of the State is setup under Article ————- of the Constitution of India
a) 249
b) 266
c) 267
d) 276
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Custodian of the contingency fund of the union
a) Prime Minister
b) Finance minister
c) President
d) Finance secretary
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Inspection Reports of Audit deal with:
a) More important defects of procedure and financial irregularities
b) Minor irregularities
c) State of maintenance of accounts
d) Guidelines for future
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For transmission to the Governor, Finance Accounts are prepared by
a) The Finance Minister of India submitted to Prime Minister
b) The Finance Minister of India submitted to The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
c) The Finance Minister of India submitted to the President of India
d) The Accountant General of the State Submitted to the Comptroller and Audit General of India
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CAG exercises his duties and powers as per article ———– of the constitution
a) 149
b) 150
c) 212
d) 112
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Powers in respect of matters not enumerated in Lists II and III including any tax not mentioned in either of these Lists vests in
a) State Legislature
b) President of India
c) Parliament
d) Governor of the State
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Salary and allowances in respect of Comptroller and Auditor General of India shall be the expenditure charged on the
a) Consolidated Fund of India
b) Contingency Fund of India
c) Public Account of India
d) None of these
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Indian Union can raise money by borrowing upon the security of
a) Contingent Assets
b) Cash Reserve
c) Consolidated Fund
d) Capital Fund
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————— shall not be introduced in the Council of States
a) Defence Bill
b) Impeachment Bill
c) Amendment Bill
d) Money Bill
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The Attorney General of India have right of audience in
a) Supreme Court only
b) High Court only
c) All Courts in the Territory of India
d) The Council of Ministers
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All public moneys, those not credited to the Consolidated Fund, received by the Government are credited to
a) Contingency Fund
b) Public Account
c) Estimate Account
d) Expenditure Account
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Contingency fund of the state is set up under Article ———— of the constitution
a) 267
b) 276
c) 249
d) 266
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Advances for meeting an unforeseen expenditure, pending authorisation of legislature, to be made from
a) Contingency fund
b) General Provident fund
c) Consolidated fund
d) Reserve fund
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CAG has been relieved from the responsibility of maintaining the accounts of
a) State
b) Union territories with legislature
c) Union Government
d) None
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Presentation of the Annual Financial Statement comes under
a) Legislative control
b) Administrative control
c) Audit control
d) Accounting control
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Exclusive powers to make laws in respect of matters enumerated in List II (State List) vests with
a) Parliament
b) State Legislature
c) President of India
d) Governor of the State
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