Departmental Tests

IIAA & KAC – Test 6

Pension in respect of a Defence pensioner paid from a state treasury is initially accounted in the state accounts:

The divisional account in Public works department in Kerala State is a representative of the Accountant General
c) Partially True
d) Confusing
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Vote of legislature is not required for withdrawl of money from public Account
c) Partially True
d) Confusing
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The fund which is used for the purpose of meeting unforeseen expenditure is called
a) Consolidated Fund
b) Public Account
c) Local Fund
d) Contingency Fund
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Pension in respect of a Defence pensioner paid from a state treasury is initially accounted in the state accounts:
c) Partially true
d) None
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Government are empowered to give guarantee in respect of loans raised by others, such guarantee constitute
a) Contingent Liabilities
b) Public Liabilities
c) Consolidated Liabilities
d) Collateral Security
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The Council of States with its recommendations may return the Money Bill to the House of People within
a) 10 days
b) 14 days
c) 12 days
d) 15 days
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All monthly transactions of whatever nature connected with the receipts and payments pertaining to each department or major head of account is called
a) Monthly Accounts
b) Combined Accounts
c) Finance Accounts
d) Departmental Classified Abstracts
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The Scope of State Audit encompasses the following elements except one. Which is the one ?
a) Fiscal accountability
b) Managerail accountability
c) National accountability
d) Programme accountability
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The income tax levied by Union Government and collected in state is
a) Fully transferred to Union Government
b) Fully retained by the State Government
c) A percentage is assigned to the States
d) Retained by the Income Tax Department
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Provision of a particular head of account include
a) Original grant / appropriation
b) Supplementary grant / appropriation
c) Reappropriation to / from
d) All the above
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An appropriation bill becomes an 'Act'
a) When it is passed by the legislature
b) When it is approved by the Finance Department
c) When it is ordered by the Governor
d) (A) and (C)
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No person shall be eligible for election as Vice-President unless he is qualified for election as a member of the
a) House of People
b) Council of States
c) Public Accounts Committee of the Legislature
d) None of the above
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The President shall have ———– to grant pardons in all cases including death sentenses awarded by the Courts
a) Limited power
b) No power
c) Power only with the concurrence of Cabinet
d) Absolute power
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————– gives a comparison of expenditure during a financial year to the final grant/appropriation
a) Finance Accounts
b) Annual Expenditure Statement
c) Appropriation Accounts
d) Public Accounts
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E.L. Norman states “without audit no accountability, without accountability no ————-”
a) Audit
b) Accounts
c) Budget
d) Control
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Annual Financial Statement is popularly known as
a) Money Bill
b) Appropriation Bill
c) Budget
d) Finance Bill
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Government of ————- have not so far entered into agreement with the Reserve Bank of India for conduct of their General Banking business
a) Goa
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) Sikkim
d) Jammu & Kashmir
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The executive power of a State is vested in
a) President of India
b) Legislature
c) Cabinet
d) Governor of the State
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General Financial Statement presents the transaction of ————- Governments
a) States
b) Union
c) Union Territory
d) All the three above
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Imprest at the disposal of the head of Union or state is called
a) Consolidated Fund
b) Public Fund
c) Permanent Fund
d) Contingency Fund
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Appropriation Account is prepared by
a) Finance Department
b) Administrative Department
c) Comptroller and Auditor General
d) Head of the Department
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Presentation of the annual budget or the annual financial statement comes under:
a) Legislative control
b) Administrative control
c) Audit control
d) Accounting control
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Most of the receipts / payments on behalf of the government originates in
a) Treasuries
b) Reserve bank of India
c) State bank of India
d) State bank of Travancore
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To secure accountability of the lower information in the area of administration ————— is the main instrument.
a) State Audit
b) Audit control
c) Administrative control
d) Legislative control
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The detailed accounts of the receipts and payments of ————— Department are not maintained in the treasury
a) Education
b) Medical
c) Public Works
d) Government Secretariat
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