Departmental Tests

IIAA & KAC – Test 3

Powers in respect of matters not enumerated in Lists II and III including any tax not mentioned in either of these Lists vests in

Annual Financial Statement is popularly known as
a) Money Bill
b) Appropriation Bill
c) Budget
d) Finance Bill
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Presentation of the Annual Financial Statement comes under
a) Legislative control
b) Administrative control
c) Audit control
d) Accounting control
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Powers in respect of matters not enumerated in Lists II and III including any tax not mentioned in either of these Lists vests in
a) State Legislature
b) President of India
c) Parliament
d) Governor of the State
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Registration fee is classified as a
a) Direct tax
b) Indirect tax
c) Non tax
d) Penalties
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What is the duration of the House of the People
a) 2 Years
b) 5 Years
c) 3 Years
d) 7 Years
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An appropriation bill becomes an 'Act'
a) When it is passed by the legislature
b) When it is approved by the Finance Department
c) When it is ordered by the Governor
d) (A) and (C)
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Subscription to general provident fund is compulsary for all employees of the government of Kerala
c) Partially true
d) Confusing
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Proforma Accounts are prepared by
a) Civil Departments
b) Commercial Departments
c) P.W.Divisions
d) Forest Divisions
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Taxes collected by Government are credited under
a) Consolidated Fund
b) Contingency Fund
c) Public Account
d) Provident Funt
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Finance Accounts of the Union Government is prepared by
a) CAG
b) Controller general of accounts
c) Accountant general central revenues
d) Principal pay and accounts officer
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The Council of States with its recommendations may return the Money Bill to the House of People within
a) 10 days
b) 14 days
c) 12 days
d) 15 days
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All doubts and disputes arising in connection with the election of a President or Vice-President shall be inquired into and decided by
a) Both Houses of Parliament
b) The Supreme Court
c) The Prime Minister of India
d) None of the above
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Legislative Control over the finances is exercised mainely in
a) Two stages
b) Three stages
c) Four stages
d) Five stages
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—————– to Central Government as treasuries to a state Government
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) State Bank of India
c) Pay and Accounts Office
d) Central bank of India
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The divisional account in Public works department in Kerala State is a representative of the Accountant General
c) Partially True
d) Confusing
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CAG has been relieved from the responsibility of maintaining the accounts of
a) State
b) Union territories with legislature
c) Union Government
d) None
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Contingency fund of the state is set up under Article ———– of the constitution
a) 267
b) 276
c) 249
d) 266
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The Attorney General of India have right of audience in
a) Supreme Court only
b) High Court only
c) All Courts in the Territory of India
d) The Council of Ministers
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The accounts of Government are based in the main on
a) Double Entry System
b) Journal and Ledger
c) Single Entry System
d) No loss no profit system
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Indian Union can raise money by borrowing upon the security of
a) Contingent Assets
b) Cash Reserve
c) Consolidated Fund
d) Capital Fund
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The service book of a government servant is checked in
a) Central Audit
b) Local Audit
c) Treasuries
d) Heads of department
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A person, who shall be eligible for election as Vice-President of India, shall complete the age of
a) 30 Years
b) 35 Years
c) 33 Years
d) 40 Years
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Inspection Reports of Audit deal with:
a) More important defects of procedure and financial irregularities
b) Minor irregularities
c) State of maintenance of accounts
d) Guidelines for future
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Journal and ledgers for transactions of a State Government is maintained by
a) Accountant General (A & E)
b) Accountant General (Audit)
c) Finance Department
d) None of the above
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Appropriation Account is prepared by
a) Finance Department
b) Administrative Department
c) Comptroller and Auditor General
d) Head of the Department
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