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IIAA & KAC – Test 2

The pension paid to Tamil Nadu government pensioner in a treasury in Kerala is settled through

The monthly Civil Accounts include
a) Major head receipts/ payments of the state for the month
b) Progressive receipts/ payments upto that month
c) Cash balance
d) All the three above
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The Scope of State Audit encompasses the following elements except one. Which is the one ?
a) Fiscal accountability
b) Managerail accountability
c) National accountability
d) Programme accountability
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Contingency Fund of the State is setup under Article ———– of the Constitution of India
a) 249
b) 266
c) 267
d) 276
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The pension paid to Tamil Nadu government pensioner in a treasury in Kerala is settled through
a) Accountant General of Kerala
b) Accountant General of Tamil Nadu
c) Union Government
d) Central accounts section of reserve bank of India
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A reserve fund is created by contributions or grants from the
a) Union
b) State Government
c) Outside agency
d) All the above
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Vote of legislature is not required for withdrawl of money from public Account
c) Partially True
d) Confusing
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A fund established by the Legislature in the nature of imprest, which is placed under the disposal of Governor is called
a) Consolidated Fund of the State
b) Contingency Fund of the State
c) Public Account of the State
d) Loans and advances from the Union Govt.
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Exclusive powers to make laws in respect of matters enumerated in List II (State List) vests with
a) Parliament
b) State Legislature
c) President of India
d) Governor of the State
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Budget shows receipts and payments of Government under three heads
a) Revenue Account, Capital Account and Public Account
b) Debt, Deposit and Advances
c) Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund and Public Account
d) None of these
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All public moneys, those not credited to the Consolidated Fund, received by the Government are credited to
a) Contingency Fund
b) Public Account
c) Estimate Account
d) Expenditure Account
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The distribution of the Legislative Powers between the Union and the States is governed by
a) Article 245 of the C.I
b) Article 246 of the C.I
c) Article 256 of the C.I
d) Article 266 of the C.I
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The fund which is used for the purpose of meeting unforeseen expenditure is called
a) Consolidated Fund
b) Public Account
c) Local Fund
d) Contingency Fund
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Governor of a state is appointed by
a) Chief Minister
b) Members of Legislative assembly
c) Prime minister
d) President
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Advances for meeting an unforeseen expenditure, pending authorisation of legislature, to be made from
a) Contingency fund
b) General Provident fund
c) Consolidated fund
d) Reserve fund
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Which acts as a general clearing house for the adjustments of transanctions between different Governments
a) Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
b) Office of the Union Finance Minister
c) Central Account Section of the Reserve Bank at Nagpur
d) None of these
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The pension of a retired State Government employee is paid by the treasuries on the basis of
a) Authorisation from Accountant General (A&E)
b) Intimation from the concerned department
c) Intimation from the Accountant General (Audit)
d) None
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Imprest at the disposal of the head of Union or state is called
a) Consolidated Fund
b) Public Fund
c) Permanent Fund
d) Contingency Fund
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The divisions having cheque drawing power render their compiled accounts to
a) Director of treasuries
b) Finance Department
c) Accountant General (A & E)
d) None
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The income tax levied by Union Government and collected in state is
a) Fully transferred to Union Government
b) Fully retained by the State Government
c) A percentage is assigned to the States
d) Retained by the Income Tax Department
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The forms in which the accounts of a State Government are kept is prescribed by
a) Legislature
b) Revenue department
c) Finance department
d) CAG
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Most of the receipts / payments on behalf of the government originates in
a) Treasuries
b) Reserve bank of India
c) State bank of India
d) State bank of Travancore
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The President shall have ———- to grant pardons in all cases including death sentenses awarded by the Courts
a) Limited power
b) No power
c) Power only with the concurrence of Cabinet
d) Absolute power
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Government are empowered to give guarantee in respect of loans raised by others, such guarantee constitute
a) Contingent Liabilities
b) Public Liabilities
c) Consolidated Liabilities
d) Collateral Security
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The executive power of a State is vested in
a) President of India
b) Legislature
c) Cabinet
d) Governor of the State
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CAG exercises his duties and powers as per article ——— of the constitution
a) 149
b) 150
c) 212
d) 112
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